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BlueLink connects the people and equipment that drive your business in a completely new way. Whether you’re on a jobsite, at the office, or anywhere in between. BlueLink gives you the powerful data you need – on-demand, every day.

Track job progress and monitor hourly productivity with real-time jobsite access. Connect BlueLink to the Sherwin-Williams Pro App to easily manage paint and supply deliveries for your crews so they keep spraying.

Maximize uptime with the ability to monitor preventative maintenance schedules, receive maintenance alerts and check complete historical maintenance records on every sprayer. If needed, you can easily look up service parts on your sprayer with Graco Parts Book.

BlueLink is free to use with no monthly fees. It’s available on most Graco electric sprayers and is available in 9 languages.

To learn more and download the app, visit graco.com/BlueLink

How mySW Helps Make My Day Easier: A Q&A with Painter Scott Long

Scott Long, owner of PME Painting in Gastonia, North Carolina, is always looking for ways to make his day easier. That’s why he created a mySW online profile and downloaded the Sherwin-Williams PRO app.

With these free digital tools, he can log on through the PRO app and use all the services of mySW like paying invoices, researching products, online ordering, and much more.

We sat down with Scott to learn how the use of the PRO app with his mySW account is making his day easier.
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