Color Selection Made Easy

Help customers make their next color decision with confidence using these tools

One of the most difficult parts of the painting process can be working with a homeowner who isn’t confident or needs help with a color decision. Waffling over important decisions can make jobs take longer to get started, cause delay, and prevent your team from taking on more projects. Thankfully, it’s easy to turn this common pain point into a gain point for your business thanks to the  Pro Color Toolkit, an exclusive feature offered in the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ App.

“The Sherwin-Williams PRO+ App is a powerful tool for paint professionals that consistently helps us in the field and in the eyes of our customers,” says Travis Contreras, owner of Paint Ops in Columbus, Georgia. “Clients often specify particular colors they want used, or they have an inspiration picture in mind, so ensuring the perfect match for their dream project is incredibly important. The Color Toolkit makes this selection easy for us and our customers, and it’s so helpful that we can see the colors used on past projects as well.”

We spoke to Jill Waters, Director of Digital Adoption at Sherwin-Williams, to find out what makes this innovative feature such a game-changer for Pros.

Why was the Pro Color Toolkit created by Sherwin-Williams?

WATERS: When talking to Pro customers, we discovered that they experienced project delays due to color indecision by their clients. The Pro Color Toolkit was created to make it easier for Pros to keep their projects on schedule and avoid such delays. We wanted to equip Pros with tools to help their customers make their color selection quickly and confidently, so that Pros can keep their projects moving.

How will the Pro Color Toolkit help pros to get more done and improve their business?

WATERS: When a contractor sticks to their schedule for their clients, they are likely to have more satisfied customers as they remain on the communicated schedule. And by minimizing job start delays, the contractor is likely able to close out more jobs each year, turning a greater profit for their business.

Are there any features of the Pro Color Toolkit that you feel more Pros should be using?

WATERS: All the features are great and can easily be shared with homeowners via text or email through the app! I think the most helpful Color Toolkit resource will probably depend on how much assistance your customer may need:

  • The “Most Popular Colors” link is great for clients that know they want trending colors and need a way to get started all in one place.
  • The “Free Advice from a Color Expert” link is for a client that wants more personalized and assisted guidance for colors. To get started, the homeowner simply schedules a free 30-minute virtual session with one of our Color Consultants.
  • The “Order Color Samples Online” link is a perfect way for the homeowner to narrow down their color selections and help visualize it in their own space. The homeowner can order color samples and have them shipped to their house without even having to make a trip to the store.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about Pro Color Tools?

WATERS: Yes, we have one really exciting new color tool that is available to Pros and Homeowners: the NEW Sherwin-Williams Color Expert™ App! Pros can connect homeowners to an additional resource that will help them see instant color recommendations and visualize them in their own space.  Pros can download the app either from the Tools Tab within the S-W PRO+ app or from their Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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