True Colors: Get More Color Options Than Ever with Minwax® Wood Finishes

Advances in wood finish technology offer endless color possibilities. In the article, we’ll talk about choosing the right stain color, how to get dark, rich color, and more stain color tips.
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Pro to Pro with Steven Foglia: The Right Paint for the Job

For more than 30 years, PPC magazine has been on job sites throughout the U.S. and Canada asking residential and commercial paint pros to share their stories. In our Pro to Pro column, we recap some of the best advice contractors have received and passed on over the last three decades. THIS TIME: Steven Foglia, Illini Paint Company, Decatur, Illinois.
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SuperDeck® Puts Technology to Work

Product lineup delivers real benefits you and your customers will notice

The SuperDeck® product collection offers a complete care system for exterior decks, whether they’re new or old. Contractors love the easy cleanup and application features of SuperDeck products, while customers will enjoy long-lasting performance and protection, not to mention a beautiful finish.

Alex Sinclair, Director of Product Information at Sherwin-Williams, knows the superior benefits of the SuperDeck product line are no accident. Development teams at Sherwin-Williams are constantly engineering product formulations to deliver maximum benefits. Below, Sinclair discusses features and benefits of three key SuperDeck product groups. Continue reading SuperDeck® Puts Technology to Work

Be Likeable — It Pays

Common courtesy is part of a business-building communication strategy 

Your bid offered a low price using reputable products and your workmanship is highly regarded, yet your competitor won the job.

What’s up with that?

If you’ve ever encountered such a scenario in the painting business, the answer could be simple: The customer simply liked your competitor more.

The fact is people often hire people they like, a direct result of emotions and biases they’ve formed on the basis of personal interactions. Business is often as much about the relationships you build as the services you perform. And if you’re failing to build connections with your customer on a human level, you may be building obstacles that your pricing, product selection and workmanship are unable to overcome. Continue reading Be Likeable — It Pays

How Building a Strong Connection With Your Sherwin-Williams Rep Is a Game Changer

Commercial/Industrial Painting Contractor Sees Their Rep as a Key Team Member

According to Waukesha, WI – based Porta-Painting President & Owner Amanda Martin, there are four adjectives that best describe her Sherwin-Williams sales rep for the past 11 years, Kevin Zei: Continue reading How Building a Strong Connection With Your Sherwin-Williams Rep Is a Game Changer

Dealing with Customer Objections

Time-tested methodology can create solutions and build bonds

“Your price is too high!”

“This project is not getting done fast enough!”

“This isn’t the product we agreed on!”

As a painting contractor, you may have heard some variation of these customer objections in your career. Clearly, they can be tipping points from which your relationship with a customer could go downhill in a hurry. Or they can be a point from which you build a stronger bond with your customer, paving the path for future referrals and repeat business opportunities. Continue reading Dealing with Customer Objections

Be a Good Boss

Effective management will help you retain your top-performing employees

While the labor shortage faced by many painting contractors is being addressed by a variety of recruitment strategies, keep in mind that your skills as a manager will play a critical role in an equally important retention strategy. Continue reading Be a Good Boss

One Contractor’s Path to Commercial Success

Transition from res-repaint focus to commercial requires effective networking, planning, and patience, contractor says

Commercial painting projects continue to keep contractors busy to the point that demand for services often exceeds the working capacity of available contractors. Continue reading One Contractor’s Path to Commercial Success