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Four Simple Strategies for Choosing Extraordinary Exterior Colors

Help homeowners beat color decision paralysis and start jobs faster

First impressions are important, and for homeowners, their guests’ first impression of their home will be its exterior. It’s no wonder so many homeowners want to freshen up their exterior with a fresh coat of paint—and why many of your potential customers want your opinion on their color selection.

Though you may not feel like the right person to ask about this, successfully helping a homeowner decide on a color can help you to close more leads, get jobs scheduled and started on-time, and position yourself as a color hero to your clients. Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, offers strategies you can use to help your clients select the perfect exterior look. Continue reading Four Simple Strategies for Choosing Extraordinary Exterior Colors

On-Trend Color Choices

Propose these stylish designs for homeowners

Have you been in this situation before? A potential client is asking for input on which colors to choose for their new home or repainting their existing home, and you don’t have any idea what to tell them. You’re not alone. Many painting contractors say they’re more comfortable recommending products than colors. And even if you’ve brushed up on your color theory, you may still feel uninformed about current design trends.

For contractors seeking resources to help their customers in the color selection process, the 2023 Commercial Colormix from Sherwin-Williams makes an excellent starting point. It offers distinct color palettes for contractors working in the commercial, education, hospitality, new residential, multi-family, and healthcare markets.

Continue reading On-Trend Color Choices

Terra: The 2023 Colormix® Color Forecast

Paint color trends are always changing and evolving. As a pro painter, the challenge is to stay current so you can best help your customers in the color selection process.

One excellent resource is the annual Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Color Forecast. Each year, the company’s Color Forecast Team of color professionals spend months researching color, design and pop culture trends to develop their latest paint color recommendations. Continue reading Terra: The 2023 Colormix® Color Forecast