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Learning on the Job

Train your team and grow your business with free learning resources through Sherwin-Williams

Yesterday’s answers won’t solve today’s problems. In a competitive and rapidly changing painting industry, you can’t afford to fall behind your competitors. You need to stay on top of the latest techniques, trends, and productivity-enhancing resources in order to meet your bottom line and keep your customers happy. Learning and growing—as a painter and a business owner—is vital for any successful painting contractor. Continue reading Learning on the Job

The Next Generation

Retain talented painters by investing in their careers

Two of the biggest challenges facing painting business owners are how to recruit talented young painters and how to keep them once you do. But both problems can be solved by developing a strong culture of mentorship within your organization. Continue reading The Next Generation

Start the Year Right

3 proactive ways to build your business

A new year means a new opportunity to find fresh ways to expand and improve your business. Whether you have been running your own business for decades or you’re just getting started, you likely want to know how to take your team to the next level.

Thankfully, Sherwin-Williams offers several productivity-enhancing tools that can help you make 2023 your business’ best year yet, with unique services that can help contractors recruit talented employees, train them in best practices, and save time on the jobsite.

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The Benefits of Spray Training

How your team can master spraying techniques in no time

Talk to almost any painting contractor, and you’ll hear a familiar story: It’s hard to find good painters. Recruiting new painters remains one of the toughest challenges for painting business owners.

“It’s more difficult than ever to find tradespeople,” says Mike Collins, senior marketing channel manager at Titan. “Owners are now looking into new markets for hires. For example, hiring cooks because they’re detail-oriented, or former waiters or waitresses, because they’re personable and great at connecting with people. However, these are workers who have never painted before. They require training.”

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Haste Makes Waste

Slowing down will help your team do more

One of Benjamin Franklin’s most notable quotes reads: “Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.”

Not surprisingly, those words ring as true today as they did back in the early 1700s of colonial America. In fact, our own Navy SEALS have incorporated a similar attitude when training new members: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

In the painting profession, there’s a big difference between doing a job quickly and rushing a job. Hurry often leads to sloppy work, which can result in costly callbacks and tarnish your reputation for delivering quality work.

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Growth Tips from the PCA: Delegation Requires Follow-through and Follow-up

This article by Daphne Young is the third in a new four-part series from PPC and the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) designed to help you understand and prepare for the challenges of business growth.
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Do You Have a Business Lynchpin?


  1. a person or thing vital to an enterprise

When Jason Phillips, President and CEO of Allen, Texas-based Phillips Home Improvements, talks about Rudy Chacon, his Sherwin-Williams sales representative, he starts with a one-word answer: “Lynchpin.” Continue reading Do You Have a Business Lynchpin?

What Should You Seek in a New Hire?

“Hire character. Train skill.”

That directive was made popular by Peter Schutz, the former CEO of Porsche whose book, The Driving Force: Getting Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People, was a bestseller.

Schutz applied this principle at several Fortune 500 firms along his career path, but would the same idea apply to hires that a painting contractor might make? This article will take a closer look at the question and cite some contractors and other personnel experts who can help shape your hiring practices. Continue reading What Should You Seek in a New Hire?

Contractor Q&A: Chuck Kocinski on Training, Turning Points and Video Marketing

Based in Parma, Ohio, Paint Medics Inc. specializes in residential and commercial repaints, aluminum/vinyl siding refinishing, and deck and fence staining. PPC sat down with owner Chuck Kocinski to find out a little bit of what he’s learned as a professional painting contractor over the past 30 years. Continue reading Contractor Q&A: Chuck Kocinski on Training, Turning Points and Video Marketing

2018 PDCA Expo: How to Get Early Registration Discounts

The PDCA Expo is coming to Texas in 2018. The three-day conference will be held February 21 through 23 in Galveston Island, Texas. It’s a chance for contractors to meet other pros and discuss ways to tackle their toughest business challenges and learn powerful ways to build their competitive edge. Continue reading 2018 PDCA Expo: How to Get Early Registration Discounts

Who’s Doing the Masking on Your Job Site? Training Tips for New Hires

If you’re part of a one- or two-person shop, chances are you’re doing it all… patching, cleaning, masking and – finally! – painting.

In larger companies, the newest hires become the designated maskers. In union shops, chances are that the apprentices are tackling the masking chore. Continue reading Who’s Doing the Masking on Your Job Site? Training Tips for New Hires