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Think Programs, Not Projects

More than three decades ago, The Kaloutas Company of Peabody, Mass., was busy building a distinguished name for itself with a record of successful and efficient painting projects for commercial and industrial customers throughout New England. Continue reading Think Programs, Not Projects

Working in the Education Market Segment

Prepare now for the short—but busy— school painting window

 The Education market segment can provide nearly non-stop earning opportunities for you and your crews, but only if you’re taking this window of time to understand the nuances and requirements of the market. Continue reading Working in the Education Market Segment

6 Tips Your Spray Source Technician Wants You to Know

Sherwin-Williams has everything in equipment covered, from new equipment to parts, accessories, maintenance, repairs and rental programs. Our over 100 Spray Source™ spray equipment service centers across the United States and Puerto Rico offer quick turnaround, on-site demonstrations, training, and more. Factory-trained technicians provide quality service for leading paint spray manufacturers, such as Graco, Titan, Mi-T-M, Champion, and Finishing Brands — Binks/DeVilbiss. Continue reading 6 Tips Your Spray Source Technician Wants You to Know

Breaking into the Multi-Family Segment

Being a one-stop shop helps ease customer pain points

It’s no secret that multi-family communities offer a lot of work for painting contractors. But if you’re on the outside of the multi-family segment looking in, what are the best ways to position your company to grow your multi-family business? Continue reading Breaking into the Multi-Family Segment

Get More Flexibility with a PRO+ 0% Interest Credit Account

Sherwin-Williams recently surveyed professional painting contractors about their needs from a supplier. The takeaway? Those needs are evolving, but one item showed up on their wish lists frequently, and that was a way to expand their purchasing power and improve their cash flow with a professional account. Continue reading Get More Flexibility with a PRO+ 0% Interest Credit Account

What Should You Seek in a New Hire?

“Hire character. Train skill.”

That directive was made popular by Peter Schutz, the former CEO of Porsche whose book, The Driving Force: Getting Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People, was a bestseller.

Schutz applied this principle at several Fortune 500 firms along his career path, but would the same idea apply to hires that a painting contractor might make? This article will take a closer look at the question and cite some contractors and other personnel experts who can help shape your hiring practices. Continue reading What Should You Seek in a New Hire?


Here’s how to get started in this fast-growing industry opportunity

Homeowner Associations (HOAs) offer painting contractors one of the fastest-growing industry opportunities for painting services in North America. There’s a path to getting a piece of the action, according to Sherwin-Williams HOA Account Executive Brandon Beck, but it’s not the conventional approach found in other markets. Continue reading GROW YOUR SALES WITH HOAs

Containing Callbacks

How to reduce their frequency — and deal with them when they occur

Callbacks are a drain on profitability and productivity, not to mention the potential damage unsatisfied customers can do to your reputation and brand in referrals and social media. Continue reading Containing Callbacks

Reach More Prospects with Video

It’s a fun, easy way to grow customer confidence in your services

Looking to make a bigger impact with your marketing efforts? Many contractors are turning to video, which they are using to connect with customers and prospects on websites and social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook. Continue reading Reach More Prospects with Video