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The Best Business Tips I’ve Ever Received

Veteran painting contractors share their business wisdom

Every successful painting business owner once started out as an ambitious painter with a dream. Establishing and growing a business takes skill, a bit of luck… and quality advice from a trusted mentor.

We asked veteran painting contractors to share the best advice they ever received when starting their business. Here’s what they said. Continue reading The Best Business Tips I’ve Ever Received

Making It in Miami

A contractor and her rep collaborate to help multi-family properties stand out

For most start-up painting contractors, the thought of doing door-to-door cold call prospecting doesn’t sound very appealing. As if that weren’t difficult enough, imagine that the segment you want to serve is the highly competitive, price sensitive multi-family market. Oh, and you’re a woman in a male dominated space.

Continue reading Making It in Miami

Contractor Q&A: Aideline Amarán on Finding Her Niche in the Miami Market

Founded in January 2016, Amaran Group LLC specializes in painting, paving and freshening up condo apartment buildings in Miami communities such as Hialeah, Doral, Fontainebleau, Kendall and North Miami Beach. We sat down with owner Aideline Amarán to learn some of the secrets of her success in the multi-family painting segment. Continue reading Contractor Q&A: Aideline Amarán on Finding Her Niche in the Miami Market

Pro-To-Pro Podcast Debuts

Four top painting contractors from across the country discuss the current realities in the painting world and the challenges of moving their business forward in an exclusive new contractor forum hosted by PPC magazine. Continue reading Pro-To-Pro Podcast Debuts