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The Best Business Tips I’ve Ever Received

Veteran painting contractors share their business wisdom

Every successful painting business owner once started out as an ambitious painter with a dream. Establishing and growing a business takes skill, a bit of luck… and quality advice from a trusted mentor.

We asked veteran painting contractors to share the best advice they ever received when starting their business. Here’s what they said. Continue reading The Best Business Tips I’ve Ever Received

Set Your Business Apart

These tools and resources can give your business a competitive advantage

In a crowded painting market, you want to give your business every possible advantage. Standing out from the crowd means consistently reevaluating your business practices, seeking out learning opportunities for you and your crew, and finding the right tools and resources—like the ones found in the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ program—no matter what your business needs are. These are the things that can help you gain an edge over your competitors. Continue reading Set Your Business Apart

Advice for a Young Painter

What experienced painting contractors wish they’d known when they started

The painting industry may be constantly changing thanks to new trends, products, and technology, but experience never goes out of style. With new painters joining the market every day, we invited veteran painting contractors to share their wisdom with the next generation. Here’s what they said they’d tell someone getting into the trade.

Continue reading Advice for a Young Painter