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Do You Have a Mentor?

Finding a good mentor can help your business flourish and grow

Sometimes a little advice from a trusted source can be just what you need to take your business to the next level. That’s what many people in the workplace are realizing, as mentoring programs are increasingly common among the most successful businesses.

Studies have found that people with mentors report greater happiness in their work, experience less workplace anxiety, and are more likely to receive promotions and higher income than people without mentors. Those benefits aren’t just limited to big Fortune 500 companies either; they can work for your painting business too, helping you make more money, retain talented employees, and enjoy your job more. Continue reading Do You Have a Mentor?

Power Breakfasts Forge Strong Contractor/Sales Rep Bond

Sherwin-Williams Sales Rep Becomes Coach, Teammate and Friend

Many contractors view Sherwin-Williams’ sales reps as valuable assets to their business. But not many contractors can say that it was a sales rep who inspired them to start their business.

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Project Solutions: Pike Place Painters

In each issue of PPC, we go behind the scenes to interview pro painters about some of their most challenging projects. This time: Cole Palea talks about his company’s work repainting a Seattle landmark – the Pike Place Market sign.
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Pro-To-Pro Podcast Debuts

Four top painting contractors from across the country discuss the current realities in the painting world and the challenges of moving their business forward in an exclusive new contractor forum hosted by PPC magazine. Continue reading Pro-To-Pro Podcast Debuts