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The 7 Secrets of Successful Painters

Pro painters share the mindsets that fueled their growth

Professional painting can be a very competitive industry to work in. In fact, a Painting Contractors Association (PCA) study found that the average painting business only lasts 1-3 years, according to Nick Slavik, Chair of the PCA’s Board of Directors.

So what is it that differentiates the businesses that survived and prospered? We talked to professional painters from across the country about their approach to business and what advice they would give the next generation. Continue reading The 7 Secrets of Successful Painters

Advice for a Young Painter

What experienced painting contractors wish they’d known when they started

The painting industry may be constantly changing thanks to new trends, products, and technology, but experience never goes out of style. With new painters joining the market every day, we invited veteran painting contractors to share their wisdom with the next generation. Here’s what they said they’d tell someone getting into the trade.

Continue reading Advice for a Young Painter

Smarter Sanding Made Easy

Choosing the right abrasives saves time and money

When you first became a painter, you probably didn’t realize how much time you would spend sanding. However, you quickly discovered that it’s a critical component to getting a beautiful final product.

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