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Delivering Durable Results

3 reasons Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel may be right for you

Paint choices matter. Knowing which paint to use is key to a successful and profitable interior paint job–especially one that needs to withstand the wear and tear of high-touch surfaces like cabinets, windows, doors, and trim.

With up to 4x faster dry-to-recoat time*, Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel (EUTE) is one of many PRO+ductive Solutions Sherwin-Williams offers as part of their PRO+ program. PRO+ductive Solutions help contractors save time by completing jobs quickly and generate profit through innovative products and services.

Part of the latest wave of PRO+ductive Solutions, EUTE is a water-based urethane modified alkyd with the look and feel of an alkyd/oil finish. This bold product combines contractor-friendly dry times with the highest quality paint Sherwin-Williams can offer. Consider these three reasons why EUTE may be right for your next job.

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Start the Year Right

3 proactive ways to build your business

A new year means a new opportunity to find fresh ways to expand and improve your business. Whether you have been running your own business for decades or you’re just getting started, you likely want to know how to take your team to the next level.

Thankfully, Sherwin-Williams offers several productivity-enhancing tools that can help you make 2023 your business’ best year yet, with unique services that can help contractors recruit talented employees, train them in best practices, and save time on the jobsite.

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Tips On How To Be More Productive On Interior Paint Jobs

Success on interior jobs doesn’t just happen. It hinges on using the proper prep and application tools and knowing the right paint for the job on walls, trim, cabinets and more. In this article, we’ll offer tips to help you maximize productivity with the appropriate coatings and tools. Continue reading Tips On How To Be More Productive On Interior Paint Jobs

Haste Makes Waste

Slowing down will help your team do more

One of Benjamin Franklin’s most notable quotes reads: “Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.”

Not surprisingly, those words ring as true today as they did back in the early 1700s of colonial America. In fact, our own Navy SEALS have incorporated a similar attitude when training new members: “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

In the painting profession, there’s a big difference between doing a job quickly and rushing a job. Hurry often leads to sloppy work, which can result in costly callbacks and tarnish your reputation for delivering quality work.

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4 Keys to Choosing the Right Ladder

Make your jobsite safer and more productive

Selecting the right ladder is an important decision for painting contractors. It’s also an investment in ensuring crew member safety and productivity.

Remember, not all ladders are the same. There are important differences that contractors should consider. The experts at Werner recommend paying attention to four key elements when choosing a ladder: height, duty rating, material, and style.

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Smarter Sanding Made Easy

Choosing the right abrasives saves time and money

When you first became a painter, you probably didn’t realize how much time you would spend sanding. However, you quickly discovered that it’s a critical component to getting a beautiful final product.

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5 Tips for Better, Faster and More Productive Pressure Washing

The experts at Mi-T-M share advice on getting the most out of your pressure washer

Pressure washing season is upon us and, as with any task, painting contractors are looking to maximize their equipment’s efficiency and productivity. Here are five tips to make the most of your pressure washing operations from Mi-T-M, which manufactures a complete line of pressure washers for industrial and residential use. Continue reading 5 Tips for Better, Faster and More Productive Pressure Washing

Improve Productivity by 55% with the 14-inch Roller System*

Purdy® innovation helps you get more done

What if your team could do more projects—without working any extra hours, hiring any extra employees, or cutting any corners?

With demand for work higher than ever, painting contractors are looking for any edge to make their crews more productive. That’s where the Purdy 14-inch Roller System comes in. Continue reading Improve Productivity by 55% with the 14-inch Roller System*

Containing Callbacks

How to reduce their frequency — and deal with them when they occur

Callbacks are a drain on profitability and productivity, not to mention the potential damage unsatisfied customers can do to your reputation and brand in referrals and social media. Continue reading Containing Callbacks

How mySW Helps Make My Day Easier: A Q&A with Painter Scott Long

Scott Long, owner of PME Painting in Gastonia, North Carolina, is always looking for ways to make his day easier. That’s why he created a mySW online profile and downloaded the Sherwin-Williams PRO app.

With these free digital tools, he can log on through the PRO app and use all the services of mySW like paying invoices, researching products, online ordering, and much more.

We sat down with Scott to learn how the use of the PRO app with his mySW account is making his day easier.
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