Get the Most Out of the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ Program

Run your business from anywhere with digital tools designed for you.

Owning your own painting business means wearing a lot of hats. While you may not know what unique challenges today will bring, you can be prepared for anything with the digital tools available through the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ Program.

The Sherwin-Williams PRO+ Program is an exclusive program designed to help you manage and grow your business, with benefits designed around what pro painters want most. This free program includes exclusive savings and 0% interest credit,1 personalized support, business tools, learning and development resources, and PRO+ductive Solutions to maximize your efficiency. Unlike some other pro programs, there are no points to earn or track, and no minimum spending to achieve. The PRO+ Program is all benefits.

New PRO+ Dashboard

Recent enhancements to the program experience include a new PRO+ Dashboard that makes it easier than ever to take advantage of everything PRO+ offers. The new landing page layout lets you quickly find the features you use most, letting you spend less time navigating menus and more time meeting customers’ needs.

 It’s easy to run your business from anywhere with digital tools to help you organize your financial information. From the PRO+ Dashboard, you can check your overall account balance or narrow it down to a specific job. You can also make payments, track past payments, and view any invoices and financial statements. There’s no need to go digging for past receipts or paperwork anymore with PRO+ organizing all your financial info in one place.

Just below your financial information on the PRO+ Dashboard, you’ll find products displayed based on your business’ most recent and frequent purchases. You can quickly check prices on any of these items, reorder them, and review any recent orders.

“By having quick and easy access to pricing information, we can ensure we are charging the right amount to be competitive and profitable on our projects,” says McKay Buehner of Buehner Brothers Painting in Murray, Utah. “Our customers also love knowing that a record is kept of all the colors and products we used on their project, and we can find that information quickly thanks to the PRO+ App and”

Once you’ve ordered your products, pick them up in-store, or have them brought to you with Free Scheduled Delivery. Just say where and when you want your order, and Sherwin-Williams will bring it to you. Pros who used free on-site delivery saved enough drive time to get back 10 days of painting.2 

Bidding and Color Tools

Painters who have the PRO+ app on their phone can unlock even more helpful digital tools. Uenderson Caliman Macedo, owner of Caliman Custom Painting, says features like the Project Bids tool in the PRO+ app simplifies the bidding and estimating process for potential clients.

“You can do everything right there as you talk to customers,” Macedo says. “You can add notes, calculate your square footage, determine your pricing, and it’ll send it all straight to the customer right then. Otherwise, I’d have to take all that information home, lay it out and go over everything.”

Joe Thisius of Pro-Coats Painting in Newport, Michigan, says it’s been a benefit for both him and his customers: “I met with my customer, measured the job, went and sat in my truck, and sent them an estimate within 10 minutes. That’s what the customer liked about it, too. It’s very easy to navigate, and I like a lot of the options, especially the ability to create duplicates. It’s very easy to modify your bids.”

Nick Slavik, owner of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. in New Prague, Minnesota, says his favorite feature of the app is its suite of color tools. The Color Toolkit—found under the Tool tab in the app—lets you quickly share links where customers can explore colors, order samples, and schedule a free Virtual Color Consultation with a Sherwin-Williams color expert.

“If you only use one thing on this app, the color help is amazing,” Slavik says. “We’ve been utilizing the Sherwin-Williams color consult assets for years now.”


The Sherwin-Williams PRO+ program is designed to help you manage and grow your business, and the PRO+ digital tools are a great way to do that. They help you run your business from anywhere and ultimately make the most of your time.

“The digital tools offered by Sherwin Williams are unmatched in the industry,” Buehner says. “My team and I constantly refer to and the PRO+ App for technical data sheets that help us know what products are right for our projects, which makes us look [better prepared] in the eyes of our customers.”

Register at and start taking advantage of the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ Program’s many benefits.

1 Subject to credit approval; certain exclusions apply.

2 This number is based on customers with approximately three deliveries per week in a year, based on an eight-hour working day.