A Quality Finish for Cabinets

Gallery Series™ wowed this veteran painter and her clients

Kitchens are often go-to spaces for homeowners craving a new look. But a full remodel can be expensive and take a lot of time. Repainting kitchen cabinetry offers potential clients a more time- and cost-effective solution to achieving a fresh, modern look.

Give your homeowners the best possible finish by offering a high-end premium coating designed specifically for cabinets, trim, and millwork. This professional painter did exactly that by using the new Gallery Series™ Waterborne Topcoat from Sherwin-Williams, a hard-wearing, professional-grade coating designed to help painters achieve a flawless factory-like finish.

Premium Cabinet Solutions

Amber Flowers, owner of Painted AF—an all-women painting company in Fort Worth, Texas—says she had been eagerly awaiting the release of Gallery Series, since her business’ primary focus is cabinet painting.

“When you don’t use a dedicated cabinet paint, it slows down the process,” Flowers says. “You can spray doors one day, but you really need to give it 24 hours before you move them. If you move them the same day, they just don’t have that feeling of curation. They still feel a little tacky, and they can stick to things. So when I heard Sherwin-Williams was offering a cabinet-specific solution in Gallery Series, I was like, ‘Yes, please! How can I be the first in line for this?’”

From the very first job with Gallery Series, it was everything she had hoped for.

“What I like about Gallery Series is I can spray all my cabinet doors, and within 30 minutes they’re dry enough for my second coat,” Flowers says. “Within a few hours, I can transport them—which is saying a lot, because paint doesn’t dry fast! And I get all that convenience without sacrificing anything in quality. I mean, it’s a premium water-based paint designed specifically for cabinets that dries fast enough for same-day transport, and I can get it locally? That just checked all my boxes.”

The local experience is another reason Flowers switched to Gallery Series. While she had tried cabinet-focused paint products from other distributors before, those often came with long wait times—time that could have been better spent on the jobsite. She says Gallery Series is one of the only premium cabinet paints that can be locally ordered.

“When I go into my local Sherwin-Williams, they know me,” Flowers says. “They know who I am and what I’m there for. When I used to order from a distributor, I had to wait a week for my order to get shipped to me. But at Sherwin-Williams, I can pick it up locally right away. They order paint specifically for me so that they have it in-stock when I need it. I’ve got a personal relationship with the team there, and that’s incredible treatment from a paint company. I know I appreciate that.”

Satisfied Clients

Flowers says she’s not the only one who’s been impressed by Gallery Series. In fact, she believes working with Gallery Series has helped her to land jobs with more discerning customers.

“My clients don’t always know the difference between paint brands—a lot of them rely on their painting contractor,” Flowers says. “But the ones who do know anything about paint are always happy to hear I’m using Gallery Series, since it’s designed specifically for cabinets.”

“My most recent customer, for example, is a company that builds homes in a really high-end area. They were looking for a painter, but they had specific quality standards in mind for that painter. During the bid process, they asked me, ‘Have you heard of Gallery Series from Sherwin-Williams?’ I said, ‘Yes, actually. We use that!’ My bid ultimately won. I don’t know if that’s what got me the job, but I think it definitely helped. They knew I was using a higher-quality coating than what other painters were offering.”

Flowers isn’t the only one who’s been wowed by Gallery Series. Nick Slavik, owner of Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. in New Prague, Minnesota, says Gallery Series is a great coating.

“My standards are high—as are my client’s,” Slavik says. “As a master craftsperson, I demand a durable finish for my clients and a fast dry, sand, and recoat time for me and my company. Gallery Series is that for us.”

Anthony Pezzotti, of Pezzotti Painting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has done videos on social media demonstrating firsthand how smoothly Gallery Series levels out.

“This paint provides a factory finish fast,” Pezzotti explains. “It’s designed for professional spray application. It flows and levels to a smooth finish. It has superior moisture and chemical resistance. … It can also be tinted to most Sherwin-Williams colors—including those popular with cabinets—though I recommend checking out the Gallery Series collection, which has colors based on current styles and trends.”


Flowers says she definitely recommends Gallery Series for other painting contractors, especially those who do a lot of cabinet-painting work. It helps busy contractors save time on the jobsite without sacrificing premium quality.

“Since it’s a newer product, a lot of professional painters have asked me what I think of it, and I always recommend it to them,” Flowers says. “I’m a huge fan of Gallery Series, and now my clients are, too.”