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Does Your Painting Equipment Need a Spring Checkup?

These tips will ensure you’re ready for exterior season

Spring’s just around the corner, and like many painting businesses, you’re probably beginning to prepare for exterior season. In all your preparation, don’t forget to perform an annual checkup on your equipment. Now’s the time to make sure your gear is still performing well and to upgrade or replace any tools or equipment as necessary.

Here’s a quick checklist to help guide you through some of your most important equipment maintenance decisions. Continue reading Does Your Painting Equipment Need a Spring Checkup?

What to Look for When Buying an Airless Spray Gun

Before you buy, consider these five factors.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options when selecting an airless spray gun. For many painters, the decision is especially important because the spray gun is what they’ll be holding in their hand for the vast majority of the workday. Continue reading What to Look for When Buying an Airless Spray Gun

Top 10 New Tools for Pro Painters in 2023

Each summer, we take our annual look at all the best new equipment and supplies available for pro painters. This year, that includes high-performance airless sprayers, low-pressure spray tips, advanced patching compounds, supplies to improve efficiency on the job site and much more. Continue reading Top 10 New Tools for Pro Painters in 2023

The Benefits of Spray Training

How your team can master spraying techniques in no time

Talk to almost any painting contractor, and you’ll hear a familiar story: It’s hard to find good painters. Recruiting new painters remains one of the toughest challenges for painting business owners.

“It’s more difficult than ever to find tradespeople,” says Mike Collins, senior marketing channel manager at Titan. “Owners are now looking into new markets for hires. For example, hiring cooks because they’re detail-oriented, or former waiters or waitresses, because they’re personable and great at connecting with people. However, these are workers who have never painted before. They require training.”

Continue reading The Benefits of Spray Training


Elite® 3000 Electric Sealed Hydraulic Airless Sprayer

Titan’s Elite 3000 electric sealed hydraulic airless sprayer is packed with proven technologies that deliver a consistent finish with minimal maintenance and easy cleanup. The Elite® 3000 is the perfect sprayer for contractors that need the versatility to switch between a high rider direct immersion setup and low rider siphon model. Continue reading TITAN

The Top New Tools for Painters in 2019

Want your crews to be more productive? Here’s a roundup of the latest advances in paint application, surface prep and cleanup tools. All are available at your Sherwin-Williams store. You can find more equipment info on your PRO app or at the Sherwin-Williams contractor website. Continue reading The Top New Tools for Painters in 2019