Fall 2023

Project Profile: A Trio of Premium Paints Ensures Long-Lasting Color for Midwest Mural - The city of Fishers, Indiana has a colorful new welcoming mural, thanks to the Wilkinson Brothers and Sherwin-Williams paint.
Contractor Q&A: Corissa Cook Takes a Very Personal Path to Painting Success - For more than 30 years, PPC magazine has been on job sites throughout the U.S. and Canada asking residential and commercial paint pros to share their stories. This issue: Corissa Cook, who markets herself as The Painting Chick and specializes in interior painting in the Pittsburgh area.
Cutting Through the Noise: New Color Trend Report Gives Contractors Confidence for Color Conversations - As a paint pro, you probably feel qualified to answer almost any question a client asks you about the painting process. After all, it’s your area of expertise. But when conversations turn to color selection, you may feel less confident recommending colors, selecting palettes, and offering your opinion on aesthetic decisions.
Meet Your New ProPartner™ - Ever since the very first issue of PPC was published in 1991, the magazine has been a place for professional painting contractors to learn how to up their painting game, both in the office and out on the job site.
Repainting Cabinets: Answers to Pros’ FAQs by Your ProPartner™ - Want answers to your most pressing painting problems? PPC’s Ask Your ProPartner™ columnist Dennis Fiorilli is here to help. This time: answers to the most common questions about repainting cabinets.
Here’s the Secret to Successful Social Marketing for Your Painting Company - Looking to build your brand on social media? Two words of advice: Be real.
Want to Get the Job Done Faster? Try These Latest PRO+ductive Solutions - Want to save money and time with services and tools that make your entire business run smoother? Want to build your business with the services and tools you need today plus cutting-edge solutions for tomorrow? PRO+ductive Solutions is an ongoing initiative started by Sherwin-Williams to help contractors save time, complete jobs quickly, and save money … Continue reading Want to Get the Job Done Faster? Try These Latest PRO+ductive Solutions
Sand Easier, Sand Faster, Sand Longer with No-Slip Grip™ Sandpaper from 3M - When it comes to sanding, not all abrasives are created equal. To choose the appropriate product for each project, you need to consider the surface you’re sanding, what you’re trying to accomplish and what form of abrasive to use.
Fall 2023 Editor’s Picks: Tools to Boost Your Productivity - As part of our ongoing mission to help painting professionals maximize their job site productivity, each issue of PPC magazine features our favorite application tools and essential job site equipment and supplies. Here are our Fall 2023 picks:
Fall 2023 ProBuy® Specials: Save 20 Percent or More On Select Painting Equipment and Supplies - Each issue of PPC magazine includes a roundup of special ProBuy® pricing on some of our favorite application tools and essential equipment and supplies.
Using Premium Products Helps Paint Pros Save Time, Do Better Work and Make More Money. Here’s Why. - Pros know that the quality of the coatings they use has a huge effect on the final finish and durability of any paint job. Bottom line: Better ingredients such as pigment, binders and additives mean better performance. And that can translate to happier customers.
Getting Started with Google Business Profiles - 7 steps to start showing up when clients Google “painters near me” If you’re a painting business owner, you have probably heard of the importance of having a website, posting updates online, and even SEO (search engine optimization). But many painters don’t have a Google Business Profile. If that’s you, that mistake may be keeping … Continue reading Getting Started with Google Business Profiles
What to Look for When Buying an Airless Spray Gun - Before you buy, consider these five factors. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options when selecting an airless spray gun. For many painters, the decision is especially important because the spray gun is what they’ll be holding in their hand for the vast majority of the workday.
Eliminating Mold and Mildew - Keep the dark patches away for good with these expert tips Mold and mildew can be a real source of frustration for homeowners. It not only ruins paint jobs with ugly, discolored spots but can also cause severe respiratory issues for many people and pets. Come to the rescue for these homeowners by eliminating their … Continue reading Eliminating Mold and Mildew