Why Choose Sherwin-Williams?

These 3 attributes make Sherwin-Williams the best choice for your next job

As a painting contractor, your relationship with your paint supplier is important. Your paint supplier is an extension of your business, helping provide the products you need—when and where you need them—to get the job done. Your supplier must also be a partner you can rely on to lend expertise and provide cutting-edge solutions to increase your productivity and profitability.

Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has served the professional painting contractor with these qualities as the foundation of how we approach our business with you.

“Just as we strive to be solutions providers to our customers, Sherwin-Williams is a solutions provider to us,” says Amanda Martin, president of the Waukesha, Wisconsin-based Porta-Painting Inc., which has relied on Sherwin-Williams as a key supplier partner for more than 44 years. “Whether it’s two gallons or 200 gallons of paint, you will always receive the same superior level of service.”

“Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams is a key element of our success.”

–Alex García, García and Associates

Contractors have come to rely on our best-in-class service thanks to our responsive supply chain, company-owned distribution model, and history of customer-centric innovation for pros looking to build and grow their business.

Responsive Supply Chain

We employ an end-to-end supply chain model so that we can offer you exceptional service and provide consistent quality while staying adaptive and responsive to your needs.

In other words, when you need something for a painting project, you can find it at Sherwin-Williams. All of our stores are designed to be a one-stop shop for your business’ needs. Find everything you need from coatings and wallcoverings to brushes, rollers, ladders, painting supplies, spray equipment, apparel and more. And our Spray Source™ service centers offer maintenance, parts, repairs, and rental programs.

“Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams is a key element of our success,” says Alex García, owner and founder of García and Associates in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. “Sherwin-Williams has stores five minutes away from any of my jobs, and they have the product ready for me when I get to the store.”

When it comes to color questions, the advanced computer color matching system found in every Sherwin-Williams store will give you true, reliable paint matches and vivid hues with outstanding fade resistance. The result: a consistent, cohesive color system that can give both you and your clients complete color confidence. On even your most demanding jobs, you can rely on us to supply the products and coatings you need when you need them.

Company-Owned Distribution

With more than 4,600 company-owned stores, there’s a Sherwin-Williams store wherever you paint—and with more than 80 new stores opening each year, we are focused on consistent growth. The company-owned distribution model allows us to serve contractors exactly where and when they need it.

Durk Viator, vice president of the Lafayette, Louisiana-based Tilden A. Bonin Contractor Inc., has experienced that benefit firsthand. He says the quantity of Sherwin-Williams stores in his area is what led him to switch from a rival chain to Sherwin-Williams. In the 28 years since, he’s never regretted making the change.

“We work a vast area, anywhere from 80 to 100 miles from Lafayette,” says Viator. “The other chain only had one store in the Lafayette market, whereas Sherwin-Williams had stores all over. It just made sense. Why drop everything and drive 30 miles out of the way when there’s a Sherwin-Williams store down the street?”

“Why drop everything and drive 30 miles out of the way when there’s a Sherwin-Williams store down the street?”

–Durk Viator, Tilden A. Bonin Contractor Inc.

The support to pros doesn’t end with convenient locations stocked with great products. We have over 3,600 field sales reps who act as problem solvers and business partners for contractors. You can expect these highly-trained reps to consistently go the extra mile for your business, as Wilber Vargas—founder, owner, and manager of Wilber’s Painting in Maplewood, New Jersey—experienced for himself.

“I’ve been amazed at the last five years of working with my Sherwin-Williams store team,” Vargas says. “They’ve gone above and beyond to help me. It means a lot when you see that somebody cares about you and your business, and that establishes a strong relationship.”

Customer-Centric Innovation

From the introduction of the first mass-produced water-based paint in 1941, to Sherwin-Williams employee Richard Adams patenting the first paint roller, contractors have always looked to Sherwin-Williams for the latest labor-saving technologies. That’s still true today. With multiple new products releasing every year, we remain committed to helping you increase your business’ profitability and productivity by developing innovative products based on your needs.

Some of our most recent innovations include the self-cleaning Rain Refresh™ technology found in Emerald® Rain Refresh and WoodScapes® Rain Refresh; the quick-drying Gallery Series™ Waterborne Topcoat which dries to the touch in 30 minutes and can be recoated or sanded in as little as 45 minutes; and the ClimateFlex Technology™ found in Latitude Exterior Acrylic Latex, allowing it to be applied smoothly in extreme temperatures ranging from 35 to 120ºF.

All of these products were created after listening to the needs and demands of pros like you: What would make their jobs easier? What would allow them to do work faster or in a greater range of conditions?

Buying from Sherwin-Williams means you’ll be among the first to know when these new, innovative products release, giving your business an edge over the competition and allowing you to provide your customers with a premium experience they’ll remember for years to come.

In addition to innovative coatings, our lineup of digital tools helps you save time and money. From creating a professional bid, to helping your customers on their color journey, to ordering paint and supplies online, these tools are designed to help you and your team be more productive.

“The digital tools offered by Sherwin-Williams are unmatched in the industry,” says McKay Buehner of Buehner Brothers Painting in Murray, Utah. “My team and I constantly refer to the PRO+ App for technical data sheets that help us know what products are right for our projects, which makes us look [better prepared] in the eyes of our customers.”


When you choose Sherwin-Williams, you’re choosing a company that can help you get what you need when you need it thanks to its end-to-end supply chain, that will be nearby thanks to its thousands of stores nationwide, and that is continuing to innovate and push the industry forward. Find out how our dedicated team can help you, your employees, and your customers on your next job.