Top 10 New Tools for Pro Painters in 2023

Each summer, we take our annual look at all the best new equipment and supplies available for pro painters. This year, that includes high-performance airless sprayers, low-pressure spray tips, advanced patching compounds, supplies to improve efficiency on the job site and much more.

Titan® Impact™ X 440

Spray faster, smarter and better with the all-new Impact™ X 440 electric airless sprayer from Titan. It’s the 440 you love, re-engineered and re-imagined for the future.

The DuraLife™ Brushless HE Motor makes the new Impact X the most powerful Titan 440 ever. Durable, reliable and long-lasting, it runs cooler for years and is backed by Titan’s WearGuard Lifetime Motor Warranty. The Logix™ Adaptive Pressure Control System enhances performance through all-new tip-sensing technology that adjusts power and pump delivering smooth and steady flow with consistent pressure.

Other smart new features include the Vertical Filter Housing that drains coatings and cleans up to three times faster with as little as one-third of the water. The improved lever action Prime Spray Valve eliminates splashback and ensures gradual and even pressure release. The 360° adiustable ergonomic handie provides maximum comfort, grip and portability, and the compact design is 30 percent lighter than competitive models for increased portability.

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E-Z UP® Heavy Duty Magnetic Peel & Stick Zipper

The Trimaco™ E-Z Up® Magnetic Peel & Stick Zipper provides instant self-closing access within plastic sheeting, tarps and poly or vinyl fabrics. The zipper is double sided for ease of operation from either side. Use on the job site for dust barriers, hazardous material abatement stations and creating dividers for cleanroom environments.

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Werner® AP-2030 Aluminum Adjustable Height Pro Platform

The AP-2030 Aluminum Adjustable Height Pro Platform 300lb Load Capacity is height adjustable, providing up to a 9-foot reach. The 46-inch by 14-inch work platform size is compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport. The height adjustability and plastic bumpers allow for the Adjustable Pro Work Platform to be used on stairs without damaging finished surfaces. The work platform offers a quick setup with one-handed lock and height adjustments. The wide feet provide stability without the need for manual adjustment.

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Graco® Ultimate™ QuickShot Airless Sprayer

The Ultimate™ QuickShot is the next generation small application airless sprayer, combining a range of industry-first technologies that dramatically speed up small jobs. This cutting-edge tool features the industry’s-first electronic airless gun with Instant Response Trigger, delivering trigger speeds over 80 times faster than a traditional airless gun. This breakthrough technology virtually eliminates spits for a smooth and professional-grade finish every time.

Created with portability in mind, this light, battery-operated airless sprayer gives pros the ability to spray in the tightest of areas with precision and maximum control. The QuickShot has a six-foot flexible hose for full reach and easy hose management, and the hands-free belt and holster provides maximum portability.

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Smart Strip® Citrus Lemon Paint Remover Gel

Smart Strip® Citrus Lemon Paint Remover Gel is a revolutionary paint remover, designed to lift away up to 15 layers of oil, latex and acrylic-based coatings, as well as stains and varnishes, in one easy application. Its citrus-scented, water-based formula does not contain methylene chloride or NMP, so it’s non-caustic and non-flammable. Apply with a brush or handheld sprayer, allow the product to work its lemon-scented magic, and then simply remove with a scraper or pressure washer. Works great on virtually any surface including wood, brick, stone, most plastics and glass, fiberglass, metal and more. Cleans up easily with water.

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90 Day FloorSmart™ Tape

Trimaco’s 90-Day FloorSmart™ Tape is ideal for anchoring down surface protection products, without the risk of harming floors and surfaces. This tape is easy to tear, lays flat when applied to surfaces and can easily be repositioned with zero adhesive feedback. Leak resistant tape can be applied to multiple surfaces including factory finished hardwood, tile, cured concrete and vinyl.

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Phillips gripSTIK® Bullnose Corner Beads

New gripSTIK® Bullnose Corner Beads create a smooth, rounded look to drywall corners and are easily installed using standard industry practice. Constructed of durable vinyl, the flanges feature many perforations, deeply knurled mud anchors, and the entire product is specially textured which all greatly enhance paint and mud adhesion. This product is also available in 1-1/2-inch and 3/8-inch (Mini Bullnose) radius to meet all your project needs and appearances. The larger radius provides a more pronounced smooth and modern look.

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Graco® RAC X™ Low Pressure SwitchTips™

Graco’s exclusive SmartControl Pressure Management System with its advanced tip learning technology, automatically adjusts motor speed to match the tip size. The result is a consistently smooth spray fan at low pressures, enabling these tips to deliver a great finish at low airless spray pressure. The soft spray fan pattern makes it easy to apply any material to any surface, with less overspray for reduced prep and cleanup. Tip life is also doubled by spraying at half the pressure. Works with any airless sprayer.

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3M™ High Strength Hole Repair Color Changing Spackling Compound

3M™ High Strength Color Changing Wall Repair goes on blue and dries white, helping identify when a repaired surface is dry and ready to be sanded and painted – eliminating guesswork and reducing the chance of errors. Its ready-to-use formula dries quickly and provides professional-looking repairs for dents, dings and hole repairs up to three inches in diameter. Ideal for use on drywall, plaster, stucco and wood, it makes repairs three times faster than traditional vinyl spackling.

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Allway Tools 5-Gallon Pouring Spout

This five-gallon pouring spout is designed to provide a convenient, easy and mess-free pouring of paint. It is made of polypropylene for durability and effortless cleaning. The spout features dual threads for secure attachment and maximum compatibility to metal or plastic paint cans. You can also detach the top part and fasten it securely to a tint plug-style paint pail.

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This article was published in the Summer 2023 issue of PPC magazine. ©2023 Randall Reilly. Sherwin-Williams is a one-stop source for all these products and everything else you need for all your projects. Stop by your local store or see a complete list of painting equipment and supplies at the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.