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SupderDeck® Solid Color Exterior Stain

Rich color, durable protection and outstanding adhesion come together in one premium acrylic latex coating. Great for any projects from new decks to recoating, this stain and primer in one is fortified with an extreme bonding alkyd resin that primes and coats wood for beautiful color, exceptional adhesion and enduring protection. Continue reading SupderDeck® Solid Color Exterior Stain

White Lightning® – Optima™

White Lightning® – Optima is an interior and exterior premium hybrid sealant with exceptional adhesion and flexibility. It’s paintable and water-ready within 30 minutes and has excellent weather and UV resistance allowing it to be applied in extreme temperatures. It’s designed for both interior and exterior applications and is mold- and mildew-resistant when cured. Ideal for a variety of surfaces and substrates including aluminum, brick, ceramic tile, concrete, drywall, glass, marble, masonry, metal, plastics and vinyl siding. It’s available in white or clear, comes with a limited warranty, and is available at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide.