Summer 2017

the newly repainted Emerald Grande resort on the Gulf of Mexico A Gem on the Emerald Coast - Florida’s Emerald Coast is known for its beautiful white beaches and turquoise green water. With spectacular views of the Destin Harbor, Crab Island and the Gulf of Mexico, the Emerald Grande resort is on one of the most desirable locations in the 100-mile stretch of land on the Panhandle between Pensacola to Panama City. Repainting … Continue reading A Gem on the Emerald Coast
collage of top new painters tools 2017 Top 15 New Tools for Pro Painters for 2017 - Here’s a roundup of the latest advances in paint application and other tools that will help you and your crews be more productive in 2017. All items are available at your Sherwin-Williams store.
Ben Golde of Classic Quality Painting A Classic Finish: Standing Out in a Competitive Market - Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to be a painting contractor. But it is also a highly competitive market, with plenty of savvy homeowners and top-quality builders who will accept nothing less than the best.
painter masking a doorway with plastic film The Pro Painter’s Guide to Masking: Tips, Techniques and the Latest Technological Advances - Masking at the job site is a critical step in delivering professional painting results. Masking protects against paint drips, splatters and overspray that may cause damage or are difficult to remove. We sat down with the technical services team in 3M’s Construction & Home Improvement Markets Division to learn about the latest masking technology and … Continue reading The Pro Painter’s Guide to Masking: Tips, Techniques and the Latest Technological Advances
young painter masking a doorway Who’s Doing the Masking on Your Job Site? Training Tips for New Hires - If you’re part of a one- or two-person shop, chances are you’re doing it all… patching, cleaning, masking and – finally! – painting. In larger companies, the newest hires become the designated maskers. In union shops, chances are that the apprentices are tackling the masking chore.
high use common area in a loft complex Extreme Cover: A New Time-Saving, Stain-Blocking Solution - Extreme Cover Stain Blocking Paint and Primer is a new all-in-one solution that features excellent blocking against common stains such as grease, grime, food and cigarette smoke.
illustration of a series of price tags Are You Selling What Your Customers Are Buying? - After reading the headline above, did you say to yourself: “Yes, painting … duh!” Sure, that’s the obvious answer, but not every customer hires a painter for the same reasons.
a long-lasting mural created with Resilience Paint Painting on a Big Canvas: Murals Done Right with Resilience® - A Virginia artist is creating long-lasting murals with the help of Resilience® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint.
beautifully painted painted bathroom interior Don’t Use Just Any Old Paint on Bathrooms - Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson
repairing damaged textured drywall How to Repair Damaged Textured Drywall - Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson
restained log home exterior Best Practices for Re-Staining Log Cabins - Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson
Luis Inclan of Inclan Painting and Waterproofing Contractor Q&A: Luis Inclan’s Leap of Faith - Luis Inclan is the owner of Inclan Painting and Waterproofing. Founded in 1981 in Elizabeth, N.J. under the name of Inclan Color, the company was established in South Florida in 1995. PPC sat down with Luis to learn about his company’s success secrets.
National Painting Week logo Team Effort: Pro Painters Join Sherwin-Williams to Refresh Their Towns - During 2017’s National Painting Week, thousands of Sherwin-Williams associates across North America volunteered to refresh more than 240 locations in need of a fresh coat of paint.
Video content: How to Work with Architects The Worst Thing to Do When Working with Architects - Before joining the family painting business, Gina Koert of Shamrock Painting studied to be an architect, so she has a unique perspective on the sometimes challenging relationship between architects and painting contractors.
painted east coast house exterior Color Across the Country - “When it comes to regional color schemes, colors are driven by three factors: architecture, nature and the people who enrich the culture,” says Lauren Makk, a designer on The Learning Channel’s Trading Spaces. Here’s a look at these factors and how they inspire the use of color across the nation.
photo of Boston University FitRec Center Microbicidal Paint Perfect for High-Use College Rec Center - A walk through the Boston University campus reveals the architectural charms of an historic institution that dates back to 1839, as well as the modern technology expected at one of the world’s leading research universities. As a result, the challenges of preserving, renovating, growing and maintaining such a diverse campus, with more than 300 buildings … Continue reading Microbicidal Paint Perfect for High-Use College Rec Center
Jason Fitzgerald of King Paint Company Contractor Q&A: Jason Fitzgerald - Originally from New Orleans, Jason Fitzgerald spent nine years as an outfielder and first baseman with a number of AAA and other minor league baseball teams before embarking on a second career as a painting contractor. He owns the King Paint Company in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Bercom paint bucket liner Bercom - Check out the latest and greatest innovative products from Bercom, the makers of the original HANDy Paint Pail. The new HANDy Pro Pail and Liners are the perfect tool for both contractors and DIY-ers alike!
Big Time protective gloves Big Time - Premium Defense™ Cut Resistant Gloves These touchscreen compatible, high performance gloves are dipped with polyurethane and foam nitrile for non-slip palm protection. Additionally, a unique blend of technical fibers ensures ANSI level 4 cut resistance while maintaining breathability and dexterity.
paint brush and roller covers Likwid Concepts - The Hottest New Products In The Painting Industry—Shark Tank Sensations! The Paint Brush Cover™ and The Roller Cover™ making waves in the painting industry. Here’s how they can save you time and money while protecting the environment, every time you paint!
Purdy folding 10 in 1 painters tool Purdy - PURDY® REVAMPS FAMILY OF PREP TOOLS WITH NEW FOLDING TOOL DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL PAINTERS. Innovative New Folding Tool Helps Professionals Achieve Desirable Results by Assisting with Every Element of the Painting Process.
Roman wallpaper removal product Roman - Strip Wallpaper Faster with ROMAN Removers. Powerful contractor strength formulas break down paste and make removal easier than ever. See why professional painters prefer ROMAN removers.
Shurtape double sided poly-hanging tape Shurtape - One Step – Saves Time – Holds Strong® Securing poly-sheeting or other protective coverings can be time-consuming and expensive. But, some jobs require the protection of poly-sheeting. Tackle them with speed and ease with Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape from Shurtape®. It’s a one-tape, one-step solution that saves time and holds strong in prep work.
Simple Green cleaning product Simple Green - Simple Green provides safer, effective and fast-acting surface prep and cleaning products for every stage of your painting job. Check out 3 great non-corrosive Simple Green products to clean your painting tools, job site and more.
sunnyside cleaning products Sunnyside - Paint Additives, Prep products, and cleaners proven by contractors to be the world’s finest. These top performing products come in handy on any commercial or residential job. They are essential and will ensure complete customer satisfaction while providing the proper tools to complete your project.