young painter masking a doorway

Who’s Doing the Masking on Your Job Site? Training Tips for New Hires

If you’re part of a one- or two-person shop, chances are you’re doing it all… patching, cleaning, masking and – finally! – painting.

In larger companies, the newest hires become the designated maskers. In union shops, chances are that the apprentices are tackling the masking chore.

What you need to teach

With all those newbies doing the masking, education on proper masking techniques is critical. A couple training tips:

  • Have new hires “shadow” an experienced painter at a job site, since so much of their skill-building will be best learned hands-on.
  • Visit the website of your masking tool supplier for the info that can teach the newest members of your crew how to do this job correctly and efficiently. The manufacturer should be your go-to source for information and, most importantly, demonstrations of how to use that tool in multiple masking situations.

More resources

Learn more about this subject in our in-depth guide, The Pro Painter’s Guide to Masking: Tips, Techniques and the Latest Technological Advances.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of PPC magazine. It was developed in collaboration with the technical services team in 3M’s Construction & Home Improvement Markets Division. For more information, contact Michelle Rookey, Technical Service Manager, at