repairing damaged textured drywall

How to Repair Damaged Textured Drywall

Answers to pro painters’ most pressing questions by Rick Watson

My customer has an interior room with textured drywall that needs repainting. There is one small spot with a slight but noticeable impact blow that needs to be repaired before repainting. What is the best way to fix that spot on a textured wall?

First, I think you’ll benefit from watching the video below. It’s designed to help with prep and getting the hole filled before texturing is done:

As far as the texturing part, that all depends on what type of texture is on the wall. Touch-ups can be very tricky, depending on the technique or products used.

A lot of texture is nothing more than thinned drywall mud with paint and splattered on the wall. If this is the case, there are spray cans of texture that could be used (for small areas) then knocked down.

If larger areas, then you would need drywall mud, paint and a hopper gun type equipment to splatter it on then knock it down.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of PPC magazine. Rick Watson, director of Product Information and Technical Services at Sherwin-Williams, answers questions from pro painters in the Ask Your ProPartner™ column in PPC magazine.

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