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Top 15 New Tools for Pro Painters for 2017

Here’s a roundup of the latest advances in paint application and other tools that will help you and your crews be more productive in 2017. All items are available at your Sherwin-Williams store.

Graco® Ultimate Airless Handheld

  • Triax Piston pump delivers professional quality finish 

  • Full tip support, .008 to .016 tip size 

  • Plug into any standard electrical outlet 

Xtend Climb® Pro Series Wide Step Extension Ladder

Diamabrush™ 4.5” Deck & Wood Siding Prep Tool

  • Coatings removal tool for all horizontal and vertical wood surfaces 

  • Patented diamond blades

  • Removes up to 1000 square feet of coating
  • Quick and efficient
  • Fits all standard 5/8″ angle grinders

T-REX® Ferociously Strong Tape

  • Strongest multi-use duct tape on the market 

  • 3 times the holding power of standard duct tapes 

  • Double layer of quick-stick adhesive 

  • Extra strong cloth with durable waterproof film layer 

  • Excellent for masking off brick, concrete or loose painted wood

Trimaco® E-Z UP™ 12’ Pole & Heavy Duty Adhesive Zipper

Trimaco® Stay Put® Canvas Drop Cloth

  • Surface grip and spill block 

  • Non-skid leak resistant canvas 

  • Stay Put technology conforms to stairs and other surfaces 

  • 4 x 12 foot

HarcoPaint® MiracleWipes

  • Heavy-duty paint prep and cleanup wipes 

  • Multi-use: Designed for the cleaning of hands, surfaces and tools 

  • Absorb and lock design; no redepositing of materials 

  • 12″ x 6″ wet wipes 

  • Natural spearmint scent

3M Hand-Masker Masking Plastic

  • Upgrade to traditional masking paper 

  • Does not absorb moisture and will not shrink when it dries 

  • No bleed-through with most paints 

  • Stretches as you mask around objects; does not tear 

  • Twice the roll length of a standard masking paper roll

3M Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty

  • One-part putty fills pinholes, scratches, minor dings and hairline cracks

  • Use on metal, wood, fiberglass and sanded primer and paint
  • Fast drying; sandable in 30 minutes

Contractor Series® Polyester Knit Roller Cover

  • New fabric has improved performance in low VOC paint
  • Available in 17 different sizes from 4x 3/8” to 18 x 1 ¼”

Purdy® Ultra Finish Roller Cover

  • Premium microfiber fabric for an ultra-smooth finish, better paint pickup, even paint release and reduced lint 

  • For all paints and finishes 

  • Increased convenience and versatility and ideal for interior painting projects 

  • Solid polypropylene core

Purdy® “Nest” Paint Trays & Liners

  • Invert liner for easy snap-on lid

  • Pour spout for easy cleanup

  • Standard size Nest on Dual Roll Off Bucket
  • 18-inch paint tray fits on Dual Roll-Off 5-Gallon Bucket and doubles as a lid

Purdy® Premium Painter’s Tools

Purdy® Flex Joint Knives

Choose from:

Purdy® Putty Knives

Choose from:

This article was originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of PPC magazine. Sherwin-Williams is a one-stop source for everything you need for all your projects. Stop by your local store or visit their online paint equipment catalog to get the best tools for your jobs.