Roman wallpaper removal product


Strip Wallpaper Faster with ROMAN Removers. Powerful contractor strength formulas break down paste and make removal easier than ever. See why professional painters prefer ROMAN removers.

ROMAN PRO-466 Concentrate

Roman’s PRO-466 Concentrate penetrates and breaks down wallpaper paste faster, saving time on tough removal jobs.

  • The one-gallon concentrate makes 12 gallons of remover; enough to strip 3,600 square feet!
  • The 32-ounce concentrate makes 3 gallons of remover.
  • Receive a $10 Sherwin-Williams Gift Card with a purchase of one, 1-gallon bottle of PRO-466 Concentrate (Manufacturer’s Rebate).

ROMAN PRO-458 Gel Spray

Roman’s PRO-458 Gel Spray clings to the wall and stays wet longer.

  • Clinging gel helps to minimize the mess. Perfect for wallpaper borders in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The 32-ounce gel spray covers up to 75 square feet.

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