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Save Time on Sanding

How to get a better finish faster

It was a disaster. The contractor and his crew had been contracted to paint a $4 million house for a new homeowner. But while power sanding to eliminate overspray from a knockdown ceiling, the painting crew hit a snag. The temporary heat wasn’t fully keeping the March moisture and condensation at bay, and the recycled drywall paper on the sheet rock was getting damp. Add to it that the 2000 RPM power sanders had raised the paper on the sheet rock, and the resulting texture of the walls could only be described as “furry.” For efficiency’s sake, the contractor decided to paint the prime coat over it with sprayer. He succeeded at making the texture no longer furry—except now it felt like 80-grit sandpaper. When the homeowner walked in, he could see every butt joint, flat, and nail spot in the wall under natural light. The homeowner was livid.

At this point, the contractor asked Kent Annis, president and owner of Full Circle International, for help. Kent took in the scene, told the crew to pause what they were doing, and asked the painting contractor to follow him into the basement. The contractor brought a roller and a fan, and Kent brought Full Circle’s Radius 360.

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Bolstering the Family Business

Relationship with Sherwin-Williams rep strengthens this contractor’s bottom line

Since its founding in 1948, Tilden A. Bonin Contractor, Inc. has served clients throughout the greater Lafayette, Louisiana area with high-quality painting. The business has stayed in the family for three generations, being most recently purchased by brothers Todd and Durk Viator from their uncle in 1995.

Shortly after taking over the company, the brothers decided to start buying paint from Sherwin-Williams instead of a rival chain. It was a simple decision at the time, driven by convenience.

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