Differentiate Yourself by Offering Homeowners Free Virtual Color Consultation

Color selection can be a tricky hurdle for a contractor to navigate in any painting project. The wrong color can result in a disappointed customer and may even lead to a negative review on an otherwise well-executed project.

As a contractor, you may not feel like an expert on color or have the time to dedicate to help homeowners through the possibly overwhelming color selection process. Adding a designer to the team to alleviate color concerns doesn’t always have to add cost to your project.

Now there is a solution to add value to your project — for FREE. With Sherwin-Williams Virtual Color Consultation for Homeowners, both you and a homeowner can work with confidence that color selections will result in maximum customer satisfaction.

It’s all done in three easy steps. First, ask your rep or access your PRO account online and the Customizable Marketing Materials section for the Virtual Color Consulting sell sheet, to which you can add contact information and your logo. Second, share it with your homeowner customers, and they’ll be guided to SWColorConsult.com. There, they’ll fill out a quick request form that will lead to the third and final step of scheduling of a one-on-one 30-minute virtual consultation, via text, phone, email or video chat, with a Sherwin-Williams color expert. Homeowners will receive a list of recommended colors for a maximum of two interior rooms or one exterior per consultation, and curated color chips will be sent directly to their door via USPS, arriving within seven business days.

Additionally, a digital color palette will help homeowners explore their options via use of online tools such as the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer, which allows homeowners to experience color possibilities on their desktop, mobile device or iPad. Simply upload a photo of a room (or choose a similar room from options provided), then drag and drop a color or use the brush to virtually paint the scene.

The result? A color-selection process that helps the customer land on color consensus quickly and with confidence, thereby helping you get your project started faster. The added benefit of color consultation increases the likelihood that your customer will say, “Wow!” when they first see their freshly painted space. And the likelihood that they will share their satisfaction with friends and neighbors and refer you for future work will rise as well.

Let Sherwin-Williams Virtual Color Consultation make color not a hurdle to navigate, but an opportunity to add value to a successful painting project and differentiate yourself in the local market.