Exterior of newly renovated Lincoln Way Inn

Summer 2016

Exterior of newly renovated Lincoln Way Inn Talk of the Town: Illinois Restoration Project Inspires the Community - Running from New York’s Times Square to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway is the nation’s first trans-continental highway. Near the middle of its 3,000-plus miles is the National Headquarters of the Lincoln Highway Association in Franklin Grove, Illinois. The village of 1,000 people is also home to one of the highway’s oldest … Continue reading Talk of the Town: Illinois Restoration Project Inspires the Community
A composite illustration depicting several of Sherwin-Williams top 12 painters' tools of 2016 Top 12 New Tools for Pro Painters for 2016 - Here’s a look at the latest advances in application equipment and other tools to help make your jobs easier and crews more productive in 2016.
Stage lighting shining a spotlight downward 7 Ways to Communicate “I’m a Professional” …Without Bragging and Turning Off Customers - By Terry Begue “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, did you see the great job we did up the street? It came out great because we’re great!”
Sher Payne, owner of Perfeck Painting by Sher, Midway, Texas Contractor Q&A: Sher Payne - PPC sat down with Sher Payne, owner of Perfeck Painting by Sher in Midway, Texas, to learn the secrets of her company’s success.
A massive American flag painted on the roof of the boat storage building at Legendary Marine in Destin, Florida New Glory: Painting the World’s Largest American Flag Mural - Question: What’s 555 feet long, 229 feet wide and is red, white and blue all over?
Aeial view of an open gallon can of bright blue paint Advanced Technology for Color Accuracy - Correct colors are important to you and your customers. As a professional painting contractor, you need to feel confident that every gallon you apply throughout the job is consistent, and that touch-ups will match perfectly.
Photo of a residential house exterior with painted hardboard siding Rejuvenate™: The New Siding Saver - Now you can restore the look of severely weathered siding with an innovative, high-build paint and primer in one called Rejuvenate™ Siding Restoration Coating.
A residential foyer, centered on the front door, which is painted green Now: Paint Doors and Trim Faster - Time is money for professional painting contractors. SnapDry™ Semi-Gloss Interior Exterior Door and Trim Paint is a new product that will help you turn jobs faster.
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Golf shoes and bag on the garage floor. Best Sales Practices: Finding Common Ground - Every professional painting contractor has his or her own methods for winning the job and closing the sale. For Terry Begue, owner of Begue Painting of Hartville, Ohio, finding common ground with prospective customers is key.
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Image of the first can of Sherwin-Williams Paint, Prepared (SWP) made in 1880 and opened in 1916 The First Paint Revolution - Tracking the origins of ready-mixed paint, and how it forever changed the way painters work.