A composite illustration depicting several of Sherwin-Williams top 12 painters' tools of 2016

Top 12 New Tools for Pro Painters for 2016

Here’s a look at the latest advances in application equipment and other tools to help make your jobs easier and crews more productive in 2016.

1. Titan Premium Gun with SC6+ Tip

Titan Premium Gun with SC6+ Tip

  • Ultra-light trigger pull for less fatigue
  • Durable, rugged, updated design
  • Interchangeable back grips for customizable handle size (small, medium or large)
  • New easier to reach trigger lock
  • Fluid passage contains reversible seat and replaceable ball (saves repair expense)

2. XTend 885 15.5´ Type 1 Ladder

XTend 885 15.5´ Type 1 Ladder

  • Telescoping extension ladder exclusive to Sherwin-Williams
  • Extra deep rung – 42 percent increase in surface space
  • Angled rung for extended use with less fatigue
  • Patented, true telescopic technology
  • Double over-molded feet
  • Safety closure system

3. ScotchBlue Platinum Painter’s Tape 2098

ScotchBlue Platinum Painter’s Tape 2098

  • Poly backing
  • 14-day clean removal
  • 90-degree tear for easy masking
  • Super-sharp paint lines
  • Bendable to conform around curved surfaces

4. Mi-T-M 14˝ Rotary Surface Cleaner

Mi-T-M 14˝ Rotary Surface Cleaner

  • 14˝ diameter cover for small to medium size jobs
  • Works with all pressure washers from 2200 to 4000 PSI
  • Attaches to pressure washer wand
  • Hover action ideal for cleaning all flat surfaces
  • Lightweight – only six pounds
  • Steel two-nozzle rotary bar

5. Werner Pro Deck Work Platform AP-30

Werner Pro Deck Work Platform AP-30

  • Large 48˝ x 16˝ work platform allows for increased standing comfort and safety
  • Standing area is 60 percent larger than the AP-20 work platform
  • Type IA, 300 Lbs. load capacity
  • 20.5-inch height

6. Titan Heavy Duty Heat Tool

Titan Heavy Duty Heat Tool

  • Use for paint stripping, paint drying, softening caulk and adhesives and more
  • Versatile, handheld and flameless
  • 120 to 1200°F temperature range with 5-speed fan
  • Ceramic element for longer life
  • On/off cool-down settings

7. EZ-Pro Texture – Gun & Bag

EZ-Pro Texture – Gun & Bag

  • Texture spray system offers an easy and consistent way to apply orange peel texture and knockdown to small jobs
  • Texture already pre-mixed in a bag – eliminates time-consuming mixing
  • Excellent texture pattern
  • Application and cleanup done in seconds
  • Remaining drywall texture can be used later

8. Scotch Zero VOC Masking Tape

Scotch Zero VOC Masking Tape

  • A new masking tape formulated specifically for use with zero-VOC, scrubbable and deep-base paints
  • With 3M adhesive technology for clean removal and protection from paint bleed
  • High adhesion
  • three-day clean removal for ideal surfaces

9. Contractor Series Nylon/Polyester Brushes

Contractor Series Nylon/Polyester Brushes

  • New generation of formulations provides greater pick-up and release of coatings for improved productivity per dip
  • Increased number of tips provides a smoother, more even finish
  • Firmer feel provides better results with the relatively thicker low/zero VOC coatings
  • Greater density of filaments in each brush yields greater surface area to hold paint
  • Excellent choice for all paints
  • Available in 11 sizes and four styles from 1˝ Thin Angle Sash to 3˝ Trim

10. Contractor Series Soft Woven Roller Cover

Contractor Series Soft Woven Roller Cover

  • Very dense, woven synthetic yarn for smooth, even finish
  • Excellent choice for topcoats, especially those with a sheen
  • Absorbent acrylic blended fabric
  • Engineered weave and enhanced finishing to provide better results with low/zero VOC coatings
  • Durable polypropylene core
  • Solvent-resistant, long lasting and easy to clean
  • Fits all standard roller frames
  • Available in 16 different sizes from 4¼˝ to 18½˝ nap

11. HANDy Pro Pail

HANDy Pro Pail

  • Ability to use a larger mini-roller and brush at the same time
  • Built-in magnet holds up to a 4-inch brush
  • Built-in roller grid accommodates a 6-inch mini-roller
  • Will hold more than a quart of paint or stain
  • Comfortable, adjustable strap deters hand fatigue
  • Made from 100 percent recycled materials
  • Custom-fit liners available

12. Roman Wallcovering Removers

Roman Wallcovering Removers

  • Removes wallcovering faster
  • Less caustic than competitive products
  • Available in a gel spray (Pro-458) or concentrate (Pro-466)

This article was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of PPC magazine. Sherwin-Williams is a one-stop source for everything you need for all your projects. Stop by your local store or visit their online paint equipment catalog to get the best tools for your jobs.