Photo of a residential house exterior with painted hardboard siding

Rejuvenate™: The New Siding Saver

Now you can restore the look of severely weathered siding with an innovative, high-build paint and primer in one called Rejuvenate™ Siding Restoration Coating.

A smooth, uniform look

Rejuvenate is an exterior paint and primer in one designed to improve adhesion and to create a smoother finish look.

This high build acrylic coating is formulated with SmoothFill Technology™ to give aged and weathered siding a smooth, uniform appearance.

No primer needed in most cases

Since no primer is needed in most cases, using this new product means time and money savings compared to conventional exterior coating systems. Two coats of Rejuvenate deliver cost-effective, dependable results.

Tintable to pastel and mid-tone shades, the beautiful low sheen of this new product provides a sleek, attractive finish.

Where to use it

Use Rejuvenate on smooth or textured surfaces including wood, plywood, masonry, concrete, cement, block, stucco, aluminum, galvanized steel or steel. It may be applied to a surface with a pH of 6 to 13.
Photo of one gallon can of Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating
Rejuvenate is not designed to penetrate through old paint and reattach loose or peeling paint. It will not repair any substrate. Any deteriorated or damaged wood, masonry, or other substrate must be repaired first.

Rejuvenate is available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores. Use their online store locator to find the one closest to you.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of PPC magazine. Visit the Sherwin-Williams online product catalog for more coatings product information, data sheets, customer reviews, how-to videos and more.