Aeial view of an open gallon can of bright blue paint

Advanced Technology for Color Accuracy

Correct colors are important to you and your customers. As a professional painting contractor, you need to feel confident that every gallon you apply throughout the job is consistent, and that touch-ups will match perfectly.

Manufacturing control is important

A first step to ensuring your color success is to avoid buying from paint providers that use third-party manufacturing.

“The paint manufacturer should control its own manufacturing and quality,” says Steve Revnew, senior vice president of product innovation development, Sherwin-Williams. “That includes the colorant it uses to tint its paint.”

When paint providers turn to third parties to manufacture base products or colorants, he says, the color results in the final tinted paint can show wider variances.

Expertise you can count on

Ultimately, color accuracy and consistency depends on trained experts and repeatable systems.

When you work with a paint and coatings provider that has the human and technical expertise to manage color accuracy and consistency at every stage – product design, quality manufacturing, color formula management, final tinting – you radically reduce the possibility of color issues on the job site.

Powered by Precision

Every brush stroke of Sherwin-Williams paint is powered by ColorSnap® Precision, the company’s exclusive technology for ensuring exceptional color accuracy and consistency.

Count on ColorSnap Precision for gallon-to-gallon color consistency and reliable color touch-ups, job after job after job. Here are four reasons why:

1. Incredibly accurate color and simple touch-ups

Sherwin-Williams color formulas are engineered to flex precisely to optimize color for each product and finish combination you select.

2. Consistent gallon-to-gallon color delivery

Via 4,000-plus locations and 2,400 field reps, Sherwin-Williams provides nationwide color excellence, critical when job sites are spread apart or require higher product volumes.

3. Precision-match custom colors to almost anything

Sherwin-Williams technology enables you to match existing and competitive paint colors, furnishings and fabrics – and get accurate, consistent color in the paint.

4. No color surprises

Sherwin-Williams paints, color formulas and finish options are designed to work as an integrated system. Beginning with initial product formulation to final tinting in any of their 4,000-plus locations, you can rely on Sherwin-Williams to provide accurate and consistent color that enables you to satisfy customers while carefully controlling expenses.

This article was originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of PPC magazine. You can find more color ideas, tools and resources at the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.