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Painting the Fifth Wall

Help customers create visual interest with ceiling paint

While your customers are accustomed to carefully choosing the color of paint used on the four walls of a room, the ceiling is often overlooked. As a professional painting contractor, you know that the ceiling—sometimes referred to as “the fifth wall”—is an important component of any painting job.

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How to Earn More Five-Star Reviews

Turn your five-star work into lead generation with these tips

If you want to generate more leads as a contractor, then one area you should focus on improving is your business’ online presence. One of the simplest ways to do this is by highlighting positive reviews of your company. The more positive reviews you have on places like Google, Yelp, and Facebook Marketplace, the higher your business will appear in searches, leading to more passive lead generation and increased business. And the better your review score, the better quality leads you’ll get.

It’s worth it to try and get more reviews then—but how do you go about getting them? Here’s six easy ways to start generating more five-star reviews for your business.

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