Expect the Unexpected

These 3 products are at their best even when the weather’s at its worst

Working exterior jobs in early spring can mean dealing with unpredictable and suboptimal weather. Rain, sleet, snow, and cold temperatures can delay or ruin your best-laid plans.

But if you’re stocking the right products, you and your team can be prepared to perform at your best, even when the weather’s at its worst. Depending on your regional demands, we recommend these three paints for your spring exterior projects.

Emerald® Rain Refresh™

In most of the United States, spring heralds the rainy season. Why not turn this potential obstacle into an asset with Emerald® Rain Refresh™ Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint? Combine the Emerald® premium quality that contractors know and love with self-cleaning Rain Refresh™ functionality. Contact with rain or water will wash away any dirt on surfaces coated with Rain Refresh™, resulting in a clean, fresh look that takes little upkeep.

Emerald® Rain Refresh™ also offers excellent UV and weather protection and award-winning quality. For the customer who wants maximum curb appeal with minimum maintenance or a premium look that will last, offer them Emerald® Rain Refresh™. The spring rains will demonstrate to them in no time that they made the right choice.


For jobs where you want to be generally prepared for any weather outcome, Latitude™ Exterior Acrylic with ClimateFlex Technology™ is an all-around solution for painters. Latitude™ is designed to resist moisture in as little as 30 minutes, twice as fast as most exterior coatings, and to apply smoothly and with a level finish when air, surface, and material temperatures range from 35°F to 120°F. It does this with best in its class weather-adaptive technology. The result is a durable, premium finish that won’t peel, crack or pick up dirt even in extreme temperatures.

Best of all, these features don’t come with drawbacks on quality. Its excellent hide, coverage, and block resistance will help your crews remain productive while leaving your customers satisfied. Latitude™ is available in flat, satin, and gloss sheens, and can be tinted with VinylSafe® colors.


Painting doors and windows in the spring can be very complicated. In cold environments and places with significant temperature swings or inclement weather, leaving doors and windows open all day to let paint dry can leave residents inconvenienced if not downright freezing. SnapDry™ Door and Trim Paint simplifies this process, allowing painters to apply a durable, high-quality latex coating that dries in as little as an hour.

That means that within 60 minutes of application, customers can close their doors and windows without any risk of sticking. SnapDry™ can be applied using brushes, rollers, or sprayers; resists dirt, fingerprints, and UV weathering; and meets even the most stringent VOC regulations with <50 g/L VOCs. Keep your customers comfortable and your crew efficient with SnapDry™, available in satin and semi-gloss.


Though summer may be peak exterior season, don’t let spring weather stop you from getting started on exterior painting now. Latitude™, Emerald® Rain Refresh™, and SnapDry™ can help you tackle some of the most difficult weather-based challenges with ease. For best results, pair these products with the recommended brushes and rollers, letting you stand out from the competition without sacrificing quality or productivity along the way. Show your customers that you’re prepared for any conditions when you use Sherwin-Williams products.