Unlock Your PRO Advantage Today

Put Sherwin-Williams resources and innovation to work for you.

Your needs as a professional painting contractor are evolving. Whether it means finding more time in your day, being more productive on the job site, or seeking advice on tackling a difficult job, staying competitive in this fast-paced industry is tough.

As your supplier, Sherwin-Williams understands your needs and has developed Sherwin-Williams PRO+, an exclusive program of pro-level services designed to help you grow and manage your business. PRO+ benefits allow you to take advantage of exclusive discounts, productivity-enhancing tools, personalized support, and more.

Here are five ways that the PRO+ program can help you do more for less.

PRO+ductive Solutions

It’s as true today as it was when you first started this job: the key to success is to maximize productivity. PRO+ductive Solutions highlights equipment, tools, and services that can help your team finish jobs quickly and more efficiently, allowing you to take on even more jobs. It’s another way to unlock the PRO advantage with your PRO+ account.

PRO+ductive Solutions was designed to help contractors save time and money to generate more profit. Some recent solutions have included:

  • Free jobsite delivery service, which can save hours otherwise spent waiting in line or driving. Data shows that professional painting contractors who used the free delivery service on average spent 10 more days painting instead of driving. This number is based on customers with approximately three deliveries per week in a year, based on an eight-hour working day.
  • Werner’s LeanSafe X3 ladder, one ladder which does the work of three and can be configured as a leaning, straight, or stepladder
  • The Purdy® 14-inch Roller System, which can increase painting productivity by 55 percent, compared to the completion time using the same Purdy® 9-inch roller and frame
  • 3M™ M3000 Hand-Masker™, which turns the two-step masking process into one, for up to 5 times faster masking than traditional paper or poly methods
  • Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel allows you to turn jobs faster with up to 4 times faster dry to recoat time*

0% Interest Credit

Want to expand your purchasing power and improve your cash flow? PRO+ makes it easy to set up a 0% interest credit account.** Credit is provided by Sherwin-Williams—rather than a bank or credit card company—so the application process is fast and easy.

And once it’s all set up, you’ll have the increased financial flexibility to say yes to more jobs, grow your business, and build a credit history.

PRO+ Savings

Zero percent interest credit isn’t the only financial perk. Your PRO+ account also entitles you to discounts on the products you and your crew buy from Sherwin-Williams stores every day:

  • Account-based pricing on all paints
  • 15% off all sundries and supplies
  • 20% off cases of over 750 popular items***

And the best part is that your savings start day one! Because these savings aren’t a tiered or volume-based system, your pricing benefits start the moment you register your account.

These prices and discounts are consistent at every Sherwin-Williams store nationwide, so wherever you find yourself on a job, you can rely on getting a good deal. Saving money on these products can help improve your business’ profit margin.

Business Tools

Your PRO+ account also provides access to 24/7 resources and analytics to help your business. The free mobile app from Sherwin-Williams, PRO+ (available on iOS and Android), keeps everything you need to operate efficiently at your fingertips—from color-matching tools to online ordering, from bid creation to your business’ purchase history.

Uenderson Caliman Macedo, owner and operator of Caliman Custom Painting in Boca Raton, Florida, says the Project Bids tool has been extremely helpful. Through the Project Bids tool, you can quickly create and send a customized professional bid to a potential customer.

“It’s pretty handy,” says Macedo. “You can do everything right there as you talk to customers. You can add notes, calculate your square footage, determine your pricing, and it’ll send it all straight to the customer right there and then. Otherwise I’d have to take all that information home, lay it out and go over everything.”

Personalized Service and Support

Becoming a PRO+ member means you never have to handle the tough situations alone. Expert advice from experienced Sherwin-Williams representatives and technicians is just a phone call away. Their reps have seen it all and are prepared to offer advice on color choices, product selection, and even project guidance.

Jeff Winter, vice president of marketing for Sherwin-Williams, says the relationships and expertise local reps bring to the table is why so many professional painting contractors remain loyal to Sherwin-Williams.

“This is familiar territory for our PRO customers,” says Winter. “Sherwin-Williams offers service and guidance—including free delivery, color expertise and product knowledge—that has long been essential to building a painting business.”

You can also take advantage of Paint Pro Training, a series of video courses (available in English and Spanish) which can help newly hired team members get up to speed quickly on the fundamentals of painting. That means your veteran painters can spend less time training the new hire and more time getting projects done.


The Sherwin Williams PRO+ program will let you do what you do best while they help with the rest. To unlock all these benefits today, sign up online at swproplus.com, call 1-800-4SHERWIN, or talk to a rep to connect your 9-digit Sherwin-Williams account number to your account.

*Dry to recoat time defined as the time it takes for a coating to dry prior to applying an additional coat of product. Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel dry to recoat time of 4 hours based upon actual testing conducted by or on behalf of The Sherwin-Williams Company. Select competitor dry to recoat times based on product information found in publicly available Product Data Sheets (PDSs) for similar Alkyd Urethane Enamel products with stated, average dry to recoat times between 4-16 hours (sheen dependent).

**Subject to credit approval; certain restrictions apply.

***Some exclusions may apply.