Illustration of a paint contractor website showing an deep project portfolio

3 Secrets for a Better Website: Go Deep to Grow

The episode of our Pro On the Go video series below is the first in a series on advanced techniques for marketing your painting business.

Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors of Paterson, New Jersey, is an industry leader in digital marketing. We spoke with Dave Scaturro of Alpine Painting to learn what they’re doing to generate more leads with the company website.

1. Be where customers are looking

“We’ve invested a lot of our energy into our website, because we recognize that now people are not necessarily looking in the Yellow Pages anymore to find a contractor,” Scaturro says. “They’re going on to Google and they’re putting in a key word or a series of key words in order to find a local painting contractor in their area. Somebody who can handle a unique job.”

2. Be better than the average paint company website

Typically, painting company websites include samples of the firm’s residential and commercial projects. By getting even more specific in showcasing all the different types of work that you do, you make it easier for search engines to find your company.

Alpine Painting, for example, has posted online portfolio for 27 different commercial painting niches, from banks, hospitals and schools to swimming pools, fireproofing and epoxy floors. You can see the full list here.

“We target very specific customers based on a market or on a service,” Scaturro says. For example, when a potential customer does a search for “an interior church sanctuary painting contractor in Bergen County, New Jersey, there’s a very good chance they’re going to land on my market page for churches.”

Like their other 26 specific commercial portfolios, their “places of worship” portfolio page features photos of completed projects and information about the intricacies of painting that kind of project.

When potential customers see this thoroughness of detail, Scaturro says, “they’re going to feel confident they found a good quality contractor.”

3. Comprehensiveness pays off

The company’s website has grown exponentially from its first launch, Scaturro says.

“It’s really exceeded my expectations over the years,” he says. “Our site went from about 15 pages when we originally created it about four or five years ago to now we’re over about 650 pages. By utilizing search engine optimization, we’ve found that it is a great marketing tool for growing our business.”

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