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Embrace the Changing Seasons

Meet maintenance needs with innovations like LatitudeTM Exterior Acrylic Latex

Fall is a time when temperatures are shifting, the weather is changing, and environmental conditions can be unpredictable. For many property managers and their maintenance teams, this may make Fall seem like a less than ideal time for new painting jobs. But thanks to products that perform in variable weather, Sherwin-Williams can turn that Fall weather into a season of productivity. Continue reading Embrace the Changing Seasons

7 Things to Do Right Now to Fuel Future Growth

The COVID-19 crisis has hit painting contractors in a variety of ways, and many of you likely have more time on your hands than you did before.

So what to do? Here are some ideas to help maximize your future productivity and ensure you hit the ground running when you’re able to work at full throttle again.
Continue reading 7 Things to Do Right Now to Fuel Future Growth