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The White Glove Experience

Dedicated reps offer solutions to your everyday challenges

When you’re managing a property, every day can bring new and unexpected challenges. Even if you’re part of a larger national property management company, you still need to make decisions at the local level using every resource at your disposal.

Thankfully, through your company’s national account agreement with Sherwin-Williams, you have access to a suite of tools and services. Whether you’re based in Minneapolis or Miami, Boston or Boise, Sherwin-Williams offers unrivaled coast-to-coast consistency of products, color and industry expertise. Your national agreement ensures that you get the same benefits no matter where your property is based, with convenient access to top-tier service.

“We aim to give our local properties the white-glove experience,” says Chris North, Sherwin-Williams Director of Property Maintenance National Accounts. “It’s about customer service. Property managers work hard, and we want to give them the quality treatment they need and deserve, and no other competitor can offer that same level of service.”

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PRO+ductive Solutions Launched to Help Ease Contractor Challenges

Have you heard yourself say any of the following?

  • “I need to be more productive.”
  • “I spend more time on paperwork than painting or growing my business.”
  • “Most of my jobs require my crews to be efficient – get in, get out, but do a quality job.”
  • “Demand for work is higher than ever, I need my crews to do more jobs to keep up with demand.”

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