PRO+ductive Solutions Launched to Help Ease Contractor Challenges

Have you heard yourself say any of the following?

  • “I need to be more productive.”
  • “I spend more time on paperwork than painting or growing my business.”
  • “Most of my jobs require my crews to be efficient – get in, get out, but do a quality job.”
  • “Demand for work is higher than ever, I need my crews to do more jobs to keep up with demand.”

If that’s the case, you need all the help you can get to improve your business efficiency and jobsite performance.

To help you meet this goal, Sherwin-Williams has launched PRO+ductive Solutions as part of its PRO+ program. Designed to help contractors save time, complete jobs quickly, and save money to generate more profit, this is another way to unlock the PRO+ advantage with your PRO+ account.

As an example, here are two PRO+ductive Solutions that will address common contractor pain points and help you maximize performance and productivity:

Solution #1: Free delivery service

Save wait time, drive time and mileage with the free and convenient jobsite delivery service offered by Sherwin-Williams. This service is now available for the first time in the PRO+ app.

Data shows that professional painting contractors who used the company’s free delivery service frequently in 2021 on average spent 10 more days painting instead of driving.

This number is based on customers with approximately three deliveries per week in a year, based on an eight-hour working day.

You may be one of the paint company owners that hears themselves saying, “My crew wastes too much time driving back and forth to the store. Every minute costs me money!”

If you do, Sherwin-Williams delivery service is not only convenient, but will help you keep your crews working longer, stay on schedule and save money on fuel and maintenance – something that is even more timely with the steep rise in gasoline and diesel costs this year.

Bottom line: More time in your day equals more money in your pocket.

Solution #2: Purdy® 14-inch Roller System

From quick-drying caulk and paints to the latest innovations in brushes and rollers, Sherwin-Williams has the quality products you need to get your jobs done faster and more efficiently.

The Purdy® 14-inch Roller System can help you increase your painting productivity by 55 percent, compared to the completion time using the same Purdy 9-inch roller and frame.

So if you find yourself saying, “I want to be able to do more projects, but I can’t find enough help,” then using this Purdy roller system will help you:

  • Operate smaller crews to do more work
  • Complete projects ahead of customer expectations
  • Finish faster and get more jobs in the pipeline

Your crews will get great results using the 14-inch Revolution frame with a Purdy® Power Lock® Professional Grade Extension Pole. It also works with the Purdy Nest™ system and with Purdy’s Marathon®, WhiteDove™, Colossus™, and Ultra Finish® roller covers.

Just the beginning

Free delivery and the Purdy 14-inch Roller System are just the first two in an ongoing series of PRO+ductive Solutions from Sherwin-Williams.

Visit to unlock all of the PRO advantages with your PRO+ account, from personalized service and support to unique business tools to PRO+ savings and 0% interest credit.*

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