Fall 2018

Fall 2018 advertorial image of MIRACLE BOND® two part repair epoxy Application Adhesives Technology - MIRACLE BOND® two part repair epoxy is a “must have” for repairing numerous types of property damage. Fix broken concrete, rotted wood, brick, block and stone. Cures harder than concrete and doesn’t degrade or lose strength over time providing long lasting repairs.
an 8 pound box of Buffalo painter’s rag wipers Buffalo Industries – Buffalo Painter’s Rags - Buffalo Painter’s Rags are washed, white, cotton t-shirt wipers. They are absorbent, colorfast and low-linting… the preference of painters. These wipers are generously cut in large usable-sized pieces. NO SCRAPS or irregular-sized pieces! They are ideal for painting, staining, varnishing, and general jobsite and tool cleanup.
Fall 2018 advertorial image of H&C® Heavy Shield™ Water Results H&C - How one job can jumpstart many more. Looking to increase project sales with just a small amount of effort? Take a look around your current job site and you’ll see your next opportunity is right in front of you. How do the customer’s driveway, patio, pool deck or other concrete areas look? Do they complement … Continue reading H&C
Fall 2018 advertorial image of the Mi-T-M Job Pro Aluminum 4000 PSI contractor Mi-T-M - Contractors appreciate the mobility and ease of use from this high performing Mi-T-M pressure washer.
Fall 2018 advertorial image of the PiViT Ladder Tool ProVision Tools - The Ultimate ladder leveling tool on the market! Eight different functions in 1 versatile, must have tool. Level any extension ladder in seconds on stairs, rooftops, and uneven ground. It also works as a ladder jack, a standoff, paint tray holder, paint can leveler and stepping stool.
Fall 2018 advertorial image of Elastomeric Sealant Sher-Max™ Urethanized Elastomeric Sealant - There’s never been a better time to up your caulk game. Pick up a Sher-Max™ Urethanized Elastomeric Sealant 4 Pack for just $8.99 while supplies last and experience the highest level of performance available. A Class 35 sealant, Sher-Max allows for a total of 70% joint movement capability.
Fall 2018 advertorial image of Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover Smart Strip - Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is a revolutionary paint remover formulated for newer coating systems.
Fall 2018 advertorial image of SuperDeck® Deck Finishing System SuperDeck - SuperDeck® believes outdoor space should exude warmth and beauty all year round. From transparent to super-solid stains and coatings, you can count on SuperDeck to protect outdoor living spaces and enhance beauty with our advanced technologies and superior innovation.
Fall 2018 advertorial image of TR1 HEA tip Titan - Titan’s TR1 High Efficiency Airless (HEA) tip sprays at the same rate as standard airless tips at pressures as low as 1000PSI. HEA technology decreases overspray up to 55% and doubles tip life – all while decreasing wear on the pump.
Man Painting 3 Keys to Better Hiring: Broaden Your Search for Good Candidates - Finding good people for your painting company can be a challenge. It may be tempting to rely on your friends and family. While networking is a great strategy, it’s time to broaden the search. Since the majority of job seekers use online resources in their search, here are a few ways to reach them.
Paint Your Path 2018 Paint Your Path: Building the Workforce of the Future - Finding good employees is a challenge throughout the painting industry. As the industry leader, Sherwin-Williams is introducing a comprehensive new program to encourage people to choose a career in painting.
Ron Adderly Contractor Q&A: Ron Adderley on 50 Years of Taking Care of Customers and Why Quality Beats Quantity Every Time - Ron Adderley has been working as a professional painter since 1968. He is the owner of Prism Painting in Bellingham, Washington, running a three-generation crew that includes his son Ben and grandson Nick. We sat down with Nick to find out a little bit of what he’s learned in his 50 years in the painting … Continue reading Contractor Q&A: Ron Adderley on 50 Years of Taking Care of Customers and Why Quality Beats Quantity Every Time
Nick Slavik Climbing the Ladder: Nick Slavik of New Prague, MN - In our PPC Climbing the Ladder series, we celebrate the leaders of a new generation of professional painting contractors. Featured in our third installment is Nick Slavik, who owns and operates the Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. in New Prague, Minnesota.
Microbicidal Paint Microbicidal Paint Offers Growth Opportunities for Residential Painters - Microbicidal paint is redefining what paint can do – for homes as well as commercial properties.
How to Paint on a Brick House How Do I Paint Brick? A Complete Guide for Pro Painters - Answers to pro painter’s most pressing questions by Rick Watson Brick inherently needs no paint. But your customer may have several reasons to do so, ranging from cosmetic color changes to improving the look of a damaged substrate. In this article, I’ll answer some of the most common questions I hear from contractors on the … Continue reading How Do I Paint Brick? A Complete Guide for Pro Painters
LinkedIn LinkedIn Company Pages: Are You Making the Most of Yours? - As a painting professional, you most likely have a personal LinkedIn page. But do you also have a LinkedIn page for your company? We sat down with Al Pirozzoli, a marketing consultant who has worked with numerous professional painting contracting companies, and asked him to help us understand the value of a LinkedIn company page, … Continue reading LinkedIn Company Pages: Are You Making the Most of Yours?
Creating A Lived-In Look for a New Cabin in Minnesota's Northwoods Best of Both Worlds: Creating A Lived-In Look for a New Cabin in Minnesota’s Northwoods - How do you take a newly constructed cabin and make it look like it’s been nestled in the north woods of Minnesota for the last hundred years? That was the challenge a customer presented to painting contractor Nick Slavik.
Aficionado A rich mix of cool and warm tones – tasteful and elegant. The Future of Color: The 2019 Colormix® Color Forecast - The Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast Team travels the globe to track color’s shifting currents to help you and your customers select the right color for any project.
The Minwax Performance Series Faster, Easier: A New Interior Stain Experience from Minwax - Sherwin-Williams is making interior wood-staining projects fast and easy by introducing Minwax® Performance Series, an extension of the best-in-class Minwax products, along with a redesigned color palette and interior stain design center.