Fall 2018 advertorial image of MIRACLE BOND® two part repair epoxy Application

Adhesives Technology

MIRACLE BOND® two part repair epoxy is a “must have” for repairing numerous types of property damage. Fix broken concrete, rotted wood, brick, block and stone. Cures harder than concrete and doesn’t degrade or lose strength over time providing long lasting repairs.

“The Ultimate Repair Product”

MIRACLE BOND two part epoxy is a multi-purpose, rapid cure, high strength epoxy bonding and repair adhesive system. Its specially formulated non-sag product is perfect for overhead, vertical and horizontal applications. This weatherproof formula is for both exterior and interior use and even cures underwater. Repair broken steps, foundation cracks, loose railings, sidewalk/driveway spalls, rotted roof fascia, cracked stucco and more. Proudly made in the USA and available at Sherwin-Williams stores.