Design-Driven Color with Impact

Capitalize on expert advice to give your property a competitive advantage

First impressions are important. A fresh coat of paint in a stylish new color can go a long way to help your property get noticed from the crowd and attract new residents.

Sherwin-Williams’ team of color experts can help guide you through the color selection process.

“Property owners don’t always know about the services we make available to them, but as soon as they do, they’re thrilled with the results,” says Emily Kantz, Color Manager for Sherwin-Williams Color Marketing & Design. “When you have an account with Sherwin-Williams, that means you get to capitalize on our expertise and knowledge.”

The easiest way to take advantage of Sherwin-Williams’ team of color experts is to schedule a free virtual color consultation. Setting up a meeting is a simple process that begins with calling your local rep or filling out this form.

“The first step is contacting your local Sherwin Williams rep, who will request a complimentary color consultation from our department,” Kantz says. “The rep will gather any necessary information from you, including interior and exterior images of the property, as well as any images that showcase a specific look you’d like to achieve. Then they’ll schedule a time that works for everyone’s schedules, so that you, the color consultant, and your local rep can all meet.”

Some property managers are surprised that the local rep is also part of the call, but Kantz says they bring a crucial local perspective to the conversation.

“It’s important that the rep is involved, because they understand better than anyone the products you’ll need, the painting contractors who will be involved, and the price of those products and services,” she says.

Once everyone’s at the meeting, the consultant will begin by showing a proposed design for your property through the Color Visualizer. Sherwin-Williams’ Color Visualizer tool can test out color combinations and immediately demonstrate how different colors would affect the look of your property. This serves as a starting point for determining the right palette and color placement design.

“You can give immediate feedback, and based on that, we can start changing colors and playing around with the Color Visualizer in real time,” Kantz says. “As we go, the consultant can answer any questions and offer insight into the latest color trends. Why should you select one color over another? How can we take aspects of your inspiration image and apply it to your specific property? Does this design look appropriate for the region you’re in? Is this eye-catching?”

Starting this year, Multi-Family color solutions now also include interior visualizations, allowing property managers to picture everything from flooring to trim to accent wall selections.

Kantz says she and her team advise clients to use colors that are trendy yet timeless.

“We want to be forward-thinking, but you don’t want to choose a scheme that’s super-trendy for two years—and then suddenly goes out of fashion,” she says. “So when I’m designing for exteriors, I love to pull from the 2023 Commercial Colormix collection for the Multi-Family market segment, because it’s a specially curated mix of 10 versatile colors that are tried and true. These are colors that we know will be forward-thinking without the risk of looking outdated in a few years. They’re going to be popular for a long time.”

Following the consultation, property managers are sent a PDF containing the color palettes and design renderings from the meeting. (If they would like additional options, they can request additional edits, a follow-up meeting, or even access to the Color Visualizer themselves.) This design document can then be shared with the painting contractors to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

“We’re professional designers who have been doing interior and exterior color work in the Multi-Family space for a combined 27 years,” Kantz says of her team. “Our strategic expertise combined with our specialized service is a great value and targeted resource we can provide to our customers.”

Give your property a competitive advantage by scheduling your virtual color consultation today. It’s easy! Simply reach out to your rep for more information or fill out this form.