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ProVision Tools

PiViT Ladder Tool

The PiViT Ladder Tool – is the ultimate extension ladder, leveling tool. This ladder leveler is a must have for any extension ladder owner. It enhances your safety by creating a stable platform for your extension ladder within seconds. It requires no bolts or clamps and can be easily moved from ladder to ladder. This tool works extremely well on uneven ground, roof tops, and stairs. It can also be used as a ladder jack.

The PiViT Ladder Tool is made of Polypropylene, the same material that a car battery casing is made of. It has a non-skid material for your ladder to rest secure on, and conveyor belt material to help minimize movement. The PiViT Ladder Tool supports up to 500 lbs. (227 kilos), exceeding the ladder’s 300lb, 1A duty rating.

Roof Boot

Very few products can match the usefulness of the Roof Boot when it comes to working on roofs. The Roof Boot makes steep roofs safer for you and your employees. The Roof Boot’s main function is to secure a PiViT Ladder Tool on a 7/12 pitch (or greater) asphalt shingled roof. Sometimes it’s difficult to secure a toe-board or a ladder when you are working on a roof, that is not the case with the Roof Boot. The Roof Boot is easily secured by lifting up a shingle and nailing the Roof Boot as instructed.

Roof Boots are packaged and sold in pairs. Refer to the instructions tab for installation restrictions and recommendations.

  • Easy to handle
  • Secures on up to a 20 pitch roof
  • Designed for tool tether

Ladder Helper

Protect yourself and your gutters! The latest addition to the PiViT line of ladder tools and accessories, the PiViT Ladder Helper, is specially designed to help protect your gutters from damaging scratches and dents made by ladders. It also enhances safety by reducing sideways ladder movement.

  • Strong, lightweight, UV stabilized polypropylene
  • Specially shaped to fit over the majority of household and commercial gutters
  • Ladder guides on either side to secure the ladder
  • Anti-slip, ribbed rubber protects your gutter and helps prevent ladder movement
  • Two-stage pole insert to fit a wide range of pole sizes, making setup quick and simple