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The Pro Painter’s Guide to Painting Brick

Avoid blistering and peeling with these helpful tips

Brick can present unique challenges for professional painting contractors thanks to its unique properties as a substrate. Blistering, peeling, and the premature weathering of alkaline burn can all result from simple mistakes on the job site.

In this article, Dennis Fiorilli, Director of Product Excellence at Sherwin-Williams, shares a few helpful tips so you can paint brick with confidence and set your painting business apart from the competition.

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From Flashing to Flawless Finish

How to make drywall patches invisible

How often have you run into this? The drywall has been perfectly patched, but even after multiple coats, you can still see the patch through the paint.

Whether you made the problem or you’re fixing someone else’s work, this issue—often referred to as “flashing”—can be a real problem for painters, acting as a literal blemish on your work. Thankfully, it’s easily repaired.

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