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SuperDeck® Puts Technology to Work

Product lineup delivers real benefits you and your customers will notice

The SuperDeck® product collection offers a complete care system for exterior decks, whether they’re new or old. Contractors love the easy cleanup and application features of SuperDeck products, while customers will enjoy long-lasting performance and protection, not to mention a beautiful finish.

Alex Sinclair, Director of Product Information at Sherwin-Williams, knows the superior benefits of the SuperDeck product line are no accident. Development teams at Sherwin-Williams are constantly engineering product formulations to deliver maximum benefits. Below, Sinclair discusses features and benefits of three key SuperDeck product groups. Continue reading SuperDeck® Puts Technology to Work

Be Likeable — It Pays

Common courtesy is part of a business-building communication strategy 

Your bid offered a low price using reputable products and your workmanship is highly regarded, yet your competitor won the job.

What’s up with that?

If you’ve ever encountered such a scenario in the painting business, the answer could be simple: The customer simply liked your competitor more.

The fact is people often hire people they like, a direct result of emotions and biases they’ve formed on the basis of personal interactions. Business is often as much about the relationships you build as the services you perform. And if you’re failing to build connections with your customer on a human level, you may be building obstacles that your pricing, product selection and workmanship are unable to overcome. Continue reading Be Likeable — It Pays