SuperDeck® Puts Technology to Work

Product lineup delivers real benefits you and your customers will notice

The SuperDeck® product collection offers a complete care system for exterior decks, whether they’re new or old. Contractors love the easy cleanup and application features of SuperDeck products, while customers will enjoy long-lasting performance and protection, not to mention a beautiful finish.

Alex Sinclair, Director of Product Information at Sherwin-Williams, knows the superior benefits of the SuperDeck product line are no accident. Development teams at Sherwin-Williams are constantly engineering product formulations to deliver maximum benefits. Below, Sinclair discusses features and benefits of three key SuperDeck product groups.

SuperDeck Exterior Waterborne Solid and Semi-Solid Color Stains. Offering outstanding defense against weathering, chipping or cracking, as well as proven durability and great dirt resistance, this product family allows the natural wood texture to show through. Both the solid and semi-solid stains repel water on new or weathered wood and can be applied to damp or dry wood.

“Our solid SuperDeck tint bases utilize Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe® color technology to deliver an extensive color palette to our customers, promising long-lasting performance and a beautiful finish” says Sinclair. “Additionally, our Cool Feel® technology is compatible with this product. This innovative technology reduces surface temperatures and provides cooling relief of up to 20 degrees F on those hot summer days in an exclusive Cool Feel color palette.

“Our semi-solid stains have a rich pigmented appearance that allows natural wood grain to show through. The semi-solid makes a stronger color statement than a semi-transparent without completely concealing the wood grain like a solid color.”

SuperDeck Interior & Exterior Log Home & Deck Stain. Initially designed for log home exteriors, Log Home Stain is a water-based formula that delivers a high-quality varnish-like finish. Requiring just two coats to achieve maximum performance, it offers the easy application and cleanup of a water-based stain. Convenient in-store tinting and a four-hour recoat time allow many jobs to be completed in a single day.

UV inhibitors help extend the life of the finish, so the sleek, satin sheen lasts for years. The semi-transparent look is ideal for new wood surfaces. The elegant look is complemented by enhanced weathering characteristics and excellent water-beading performance, all features that are certain to appeal to your homeowner customers.

“This product truly enhances the charm of a log home, and the sheen and finish provide a unique appearance, whether in vertical or horizontal configurations, interior or exterior,” says Sinclair.

SuperDeck Transparent and Semi-Transparent Wood Stains. The premium modified-oil formulas used for transparent and semi-transparent wood stains enrich the appearance of wood and provide UV protection to resist graying in only one coat. These stains also contain agents that inhibit the growth of mildew on the coating’s surface. Ideal for use on exterior decks, doors, siding, fences, shutters, shakes and outdoor wood furniture, these stains can be used on treated wood, cedar, redwood, pine, oak, and plywood. Your customers will enjoy the rich tones provided by these stains, enhancing the natural beauty of the finish for years to come.

“The modified oil technology combines many traditional oil-based stain benefits, such as quick dry times, deep penetration, and excellent durability, with the benefits of a waterbased formulation,” says Sinclair. “These benefits include soap-and-water cleanup, VOC compliance and improved color retention.”

All told, Sinclair enjoys seeing the chemistry and science of coatings come together to create a product line like SuperDeck that offers true, lasting benefits to contractors and their customers.

“I truly enjoy seeing a deck that has provided years of service and retains the beauty and character it had on the day it was built,” she says. “That’s a credit to the science behind the coatings that have kept the deck looking that way, and to the contractors who applied those coatings.”