Spring 2021

The Proper Use and Care of Reusable Respirators - Health and safety on the job site is more important than ever. That includes controlling workplace hazards and using personal protective equipment when needed. In this article, we’ll outline the best practices for the proper use and care of reusable respirators.
Think Programs, Not Projects - More than three decades ago, The Kaloutas Company of Peabody, Mass., was busy building a distinguished name for itself with a record of successful and efficient painting projects for commercial and industrial customers throughout New England.
The 6 Most-Asked Questions About Primers - As PPC’s Ask Your ProPartner™ columnist and director of Product Information and Technical Services at Sherwin-Williams, Rick Watson has fielded numerous questions about primers over the years. In this article, he addresses some of the most common ones he hears from professional painting contractors.
Spring 2021 Editor’s Picks: Tools to Help You Work Easier and Faster - Welcome to the debut of a new regular feature in PPC magazine. As part of our ongoing mission to help painting professionals maximize their jobsite productivity, each issue going forward will now feature a roundup of some of our favorite application tools and essential job site equipment and supplies. Here are our Spring 2021 issue … Continue reading Spring 2021 Editor’s Picks: Tools to Help You Work Easier and Faster
Reach New Performance Heights: Selecting the Right Extension Ladders - As we move into the busy exterior painting season, you’ll want to make sure you have the ladders needed to safely take on all of your work. With ProBuy® pricing on extension ladders at Sherwin-Williams, now is the ideal time to add or upgrade your ladders for 2021.
Game On! Tackling the Georgia Tech Stadium Repaint - “In the South, football is a religion, and Saturday is the holy day.” That quote from Hall of Fame coach Marino Casem may be one of the best descriptions of the importance of college football in this region of the country. So when the stadium of one of the top teams in the Atlantic Coast … Continue reading Game On! Tackling the Georgia Tech Stadium Repaint
Court’s in Session: Painters Restore a 228-Year-Old Caribbean Landmark - Over its long history, the Constitutional Court of Sint Maarten has been battered by bad weather and numerous catastrophic storms. In each case, painters have helped restore the landmark property’s age-defying beauty.
Inspiration + Innovation: The New Products and Colors of the Living Well Collection - What are the latest advances in coatings and color for 2021? For the answer, we turned to the experts at Sherwin-Williams.
Living Well Collection: The New Color Palettes - The Living Well™ Collection is an inspired mix of paints and color carefully chosen to invite a sense of comfort, style, and well-being into your customer’s home. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the color aspect of the collection.
Pro to Pro with Paul Gallo: Don’t Avoid Adversity - For more than 30 years, PPC magazine has been on job sites throughout the U.S. and Canada asking residential and commercial paint pros to share their stories. In our Pro to Pro column, we recap some of the best advice contractors have received and passed on over the last three decades. THIS TIME: Paul Gallo, … Continue reading Pro to Pro with Paul Gallo: Don’t Avoid Adversity
Marketing Strategies: 4 Secrets for Powerful Testimonials - This article is based on an excerpt from the book Attract and Keep Customers for Life by Terry Begue, owner of Begue Painting and a regular contributor to PPC magazine.
Uncovering Opportunities: Is Now the Time to Add Remodeling to Your Painting Services? - As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to generate income. In this article, we’ll take a look at the potential opportunities in remodeling for painting contractors, along with the best coatings to use and some hard-won practical advice from a painting contractor who has been there.
There is a Perfect Purdy® Brush for Every Project - There are 153 different paint brush configurations available from Purdy Professional Painting Tools, all handcrafted by skilled brush makers and customized to put a perfect finish on whatever you’ll be painting next.
The First Painter’s Backpack Designed By Pros, For Pros - It may be known as the Purdy® Painter’s Backpack, but that descriptor doesn’t do justice to the level of organization and storage this innovative new offering brings to the professional painting contractor.
Are You Charging Enough? - As a professional painting contractor, you’ve likely faced competitive bidding situations in which the “winner” was simply the bidder who offered the least expensive option. But if you’re the winner in such a scenario, what exactly is your prize? And could it be in your interest to provide a bid that is more in alignment … Continue reading Are You Charging Enough?