Pro on the Go: Use Job Site Videos to Build Customer Trust

Pro on the Go: Use Job Site Videos to Win Business, Build Customer Trust

In this episode of our Pro on the Go video series, we asked Chuck Kocinski, owner of Paint Medics, Inc. in Parma, Ohio, about his decision to use job site videos to promote his company on Facebook, YouTube and the company website.


Narrator: Video is an excellent way to promote your company, win more business and build customer trust. Paint Medics in Ohio, for example, has had success making short videos at the job site to post on the company Facebook and YouTube channel.

Chuck Kocinski: Social media offers a front row seat to our potential customers. It gives us that exposure that we need. They get to see the prep work. They get to see what’s involved and the whole entire process. A lot of times people don’t realize what goes behind the scenes when it comes to a quality paint job. When we showcase all that stuff it eases their mind and answers a lot of their questions.

Narrator: Though they’ve hired professional videographers for a few productions, most of Paint Medics’ videos were shot at little expense with cell phones at the job site.

Chuck Kocinski: Shooting videos – it’s very simple, it’s very rewarding. Here, you take a couple minutes out of your schedule, shoot a video and you get to see exactly what you look like and how you perform and put you in place of a customer, in a customer’s seat. A lot of times before I show up to the job site people tell me, “Yes, I’ve seen the videos that you had on your Facebook or I’ve seen it on the website. We see you doing the work and we’re kind of curious to see, you know, what you are capable of doing to our house.”

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This article was originally published on June 19, 2019. Watch more interviews with pro painters on the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.