Apps & Tools That Will Make You More Productive

5 Apps & Tools That Will Make You More Productive Right Now

Technology is a wonderful thing. Here’s some great gear you can grab today that will help you improve your productivity and save valuable time on the job site.

1. The brush with the best pick-up

The Purdy® XL® High Capacity brush increases production without sacrificing quality and performance. Its unique shaped ferrule has more filaments which increases the pick-up and release of paint, reducing the amount of times you go back to the paint can. Available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores.

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2. The ultimate handheld sprayer

Designed specifically for small interior, exterior and specialty projects, the Graco® Ultimate Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayer offer ultimate portability on the job. So you can easily spray those small jobs without having to start up your larger airless sprayer. Available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores.

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3. The perfect match

The new ColorSnap® Match handheld tool connects to the free Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Match app via Bluetooth to deliver a streamlined experience and make it effortless to scan and find corresponding Sherwin-Williams colors.

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4. An app designed for the pro painter

Speaking of apps, isn’t it time you got the PRO app from Sherwin-Williams? This free app for your iPhone or Android will make your busy day easier with 24-7 mobile ordering and the ability to browse products and view data sheets, see your store’s inventory, your statements, and much more.

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5. Better masking through research

3M conducted extensive research to identify the challenges contractors experience with masking areas prior to spraying. The result was their Hand-Masker Masking Plastic line, products that upgrade professionals from standard masking paper to one that economically provides attributes similar to high-end film. So good it was named the 2017 Vendor Product of the Year by Sherwin-Williams.

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Even more ways to increase productivity

Want more? Check out this roundup of the latest advances in ladders, brushes, spray equipment and paint application and other tools from the Spring 2018 issue of PPC magazine.

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