the 3M Hand-Masker Masking Plastic line of products

Vendor Product of the Year: Hand-Masker Masking Plastic

The 3M™ Hand-Masker Masking Plastic line has received the Sherwin-Williams 2017 Vendor Product of the Year award.

“A first-time award recipient of our Vendor Product of the Year award, 3M conducted extensive research to identify the challenges contractors experience with masking areas prior to spraying,” says Tracey Gairing, vice president of marketing and purchasing, Sherwin-Williams. “The result was the Hand-Masker Masking Plastic line, products that upgrade professionals from standard masking paper to one that economically provides attributes similar to high-end film.”

3M was acknowledged for creating a game-changing masking product that helped professionals in the field and for providing strong support at the field level with employee training, promotional efforts and customer demonstrations.

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Vendors of the Year

In addition to the best new product award, Sherwin-Williams also recognizes Vendors of the Year at its annual National Sales Meeting held every January.

The 2017 winners:


Industry leader Intex, a three-time award recipient, provides a broad assortment of high-quality wiping products. The company continues to innovate, developing new fabric technologies that provide superior, consistent results that satisfy Sherwin-Williams customers’ needs.


This long-term supplier received its fifth Vendor of the Year award for consistently bringing creative floor-covering solutions to solve customer challenges. Shaw also demonstrated strong field support, working closely with Sherwin-Williams sales representatives to offer unique services along with innovative solutions.

Niagara Machine

First-time award-winner Engineered Floors invested in increased sales support and manufacturing techniques to provide the latest in carpet technology. Working side-by-side with Sherwin-Williams multifamily and health care national account teams, the company supported Sherwin-Williams floorcovering stores with effective marketing and promotions programs.


Graco consistently aligns its products to better fit Sherwin-Williams customers by upgrading its entry-level units and improving mid-level professional units. As a nine-time award-winner and longtime manufacturer supplier, Graco leads the way in promotional support by hosting targeted product expos, actively participating in pro shows, providing hands-on training with Sherwin-Williams employees and working closely with sales representatives on large commercial jobs.

“The Vendor and Vendor Product of the Year awards are an opportunity for Sherwin-Williams to recognize our dedicated partners who deliver innovative products and creative solutions that contribute to Sherwin-Williams’ successes,” Gairing says. “We’d like to congratulate this year’s winners for their well-deserved achievements and thank them for helping continue to surpass our customers’ expectations and Sherwin-Williams goals.”

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