Attendees at PCA Expo

Crafting Success, Building Bonds with the PCA

Founded in 1884, the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) is on a mission to help painting contractors run efficient and profitable businesses. In this article, Lauren Forman of the PCA outlines some of the ways that paint pros can benefit from membership in this nonprofit trade organization.

A community-oriented commitment to industry excellence

For 140 years, PCA has embraced a mission to extend a helping hand to every facet of our industry, advocating for all. Internally, we believe that fostering support for everyone cultivates a collective commitment to professionalism, strengthening the painting community more effectively than exclusivity.

PCA consistently strives to address industry challenges by fostering a network of shared knowledge and forming foundational groups accessible to individuals at all skill and business levels.

Setting the standard

The distilling of collective knowledge from painting contractors for over a century has culminated in the PCA Industry Standards. There are currently 25 individual standards on topics about everything from touch-up painting and surface prep to definitions of trade terms and recommended protocols for documenting extra work to a contract.

Developed to provide transparency for both consumers and contractors, the PCA Industry Standards are a powerful tool for regulating excellence in the occupation.

Educational and networking opportunities

Beyond the standardization of the industry, PCA dedicates continuous efforts to offer resources in diverse formats.

PCA collaborates with industry leaders like Sherwin-Williams to host events that provide industry insights and tailored education as they aim to foster and empower our professional community.

The PCA Expo is an annual three-day conference featuring expert speakers, industry trade show and opportunities to network with other contractors. It’s a one-of-a-kind national event for pros looking to advance their careers while also contributing to the professionalization of the trade.

In addition, the PCA offers highly focused initiatives on topics like commercial contracting, community service, the craft and business of painting and events geared specifically for female and Hispanic painting contractors.

Beyond events, PCA conducts classes and workshops to encourage continual improvement in work abilities and ethics. PCA also gathers contractors in nearly every state, embracing the belief that “it takes a village.”

Lessons from the pandemic

Amid the challenges brought by COVID, contractors and PCA alike learned valuable lessons. Recognizing the importance of having accessible industry education and resources in this new landscape, PCA swiftly transformed into a sought-after online knowledge hub.

PCA Overdrive offers its members more than 600 hours of streaming content created specifically for painting professionals. This rich archive empowers individuals of all skill levels to master the trade and kickstart their paths to growth.

To address workforce disruptions, PCA collaborated with hiring platforms, providing relief to members in finding career opportunities or skilled professionals for their businesses.

Giving back by painting it forward

In addition to the nourishment of the craft and those within it, PCA holds a significant pledge to the greater good.

Programs such as Paint It Forward (PIF) encourage contractors all over America to make a difference in their own backyard.

The pinnacle of PIF is a grand philanthropic event hosted at PCA’s annual Expo convention.

How to get involved

PCA encourages paint pros to take growth into their own hands, to achieve success through networking, to engage in intuitive training, and to contribute to the collective manifestation of a legacy. We welcome you with open arms as we share education, community, and industry excellence.

To discover how you can craft success, build lasting bonds, and contribute to the legacy of excellence in the painting industry, visit us at

This article was originally published in the Summer 2024 issue of PPC magazine. ©2024 Fusable. Author Lauren Forman works in the Marketing Department of PCA. Photography courtesy PCA.