Pro painter using ColorSnap Match Pro

Color Matching Made Easy

Keep your productivity, business and the job moving while easily matching colors on the go.

Sherwin-Williams has an entire suite of Pro Color Tools to help you guide your homeowner to a quicker, easier, confident color decision.

One of these tools is ColorSnap® Match Pro, a portable, affordable tool that simplifies paint and sheen matching while instantly and accurately matching any surface to the closest Sherwin-Williams color.

Without bringing samples into your local store, you can quickly select color and get started on the job.

The smaller, single-component design is perfect for residential repaint use and makes tenant improvement and other projects requiring color matching easier.

The self-contained calibration means there are no parts to lose.

Bottom line: Using the affordable, accurate and easy ColorSnap Match Pro will save you time and money, increase customer satisfaction and set you apart from competitors.

How to get started

Pick up a ColorSnap Match Pro device at your Sherwin-Williams store or order online at and download the ColorSnap Match app.

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