Color Tools for Every Situation

Make color your competitive advantage with these innovative resources

Every new job can present new wrinkles and problems to solve when it comes to the color selection process. Thankfully, Sherwin-Williams has color tools that can expand your ability to offer color guidance and expertise directly to homeowners, accelerating their color selection process—without making you choose for them. If you’re not taking advantage of this suite of color tools currently offered through the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ Program—an exclusive program designed to help you manage and grow your business—then you may be leaving money on the table.

It’s time to elevate your professionalism, expand your business’ offerings to customers, and save time, money, and effort. Here’s five situations that can slow down progress on any job—and how Sherwin-Williams color tools can help get you back to work in no time.

Pro Color Toolkit

If your customer wants to know what color you recommend or what’s trending right now—and you don’t feel qualified to answer that question—the Pro Color Toolkit can help you out. Part of the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ app, the Pro Color Toolkit is a hub for expert color tools, lists of the most popular and trending colors, and personalized resources.

Access through the Tools tab on the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ App when logged in, and you’ll be able to text or email these color tools directly to your homeowners. Win more jobs when you offer this tool that makes the color selection process quick and easy for your customers.

Virtual Color Consultation

If your customer is having a hard time deciding on the right color, recommend a FREE Virtual Color Consultation with a Sherwin-Williams color expert. This exclusive PRO+ benefit can help give the homeowner clarity and confidence without you having to suggest or choose colors for them.

All you have to do is download the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ app to access the Pro Color Toolkit, and text or email a link for your homeowner to schedule an appointment. A Sherwin-Williams color expert will display a digital color palette and color chip samples to help your customers find a color they can feel confident about in just 30 minutes. This Virtual Color Consultation can address any color indecision your homeowner might have, expediting the color selection and getting you back on the job faster.

ColorSnap® Match Pro

You don’t need to bring a physical sample into a store to match colors anymore. Keep your job moving with the ColorSnap Match Pro—a portable, affordable tool that can quickly scan and match any surface to the closest Sherwin-Williams color, including finish and sheen.

Pick up a ColorSnap Match Pro device online or at your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store and download the ColorSnap® Match app to start matching instantly on the jobsite and save time and money today.

Color Samples

If your homeowner feels like they need to see the color on the wall themselves before making a decision, there’s a tool for that, too! Designed for in-home visualization, color chips, Peel & Stick, and Color to Go® samples let homeowners see how their top color picks look and feel in their space. Samples can be tried in any space, applied directly to the wall without messes or dry time, and can be repositioned around the room to see how colors look at different times of day.

Color to Go samples, 8×8 Peel & Stick samples, and 2×3 color chips can be ordered online through the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ app or picked up at your local Sherwin-Williams store. Give homeowners the visual aid they need to feel confident and move forward with the job.

Color Marketing Materials

Finally, if you want to stand out from the competition on a job when it comes to professionalism, take advantage of customizable Color Marketing Materials through Sherwin-Williams. With everything from fan decks and color cards to digital photo imaging and swatch books, these materials can take your business and customer service to the next level.

Access these professional, customized marketing tools through your Sherwin-Williams rep. Designed with pros in mind, Color Marketing Materials can help you win more business while helping homeowners feel confident in choosing you.


No matter where your customer is at in their color journey, there’s a color tool that can help build their decision-making confidence—and make you a valuable resource. If you haven’t done it already, get registered for PRO+, download the Sherwin-Williams PRO+ app, and find out how you can start making color into your business’ competitive advantage.